Fostering numbers up at Nebraska Humane Society

By on April 15, 2020

Every day, we see new articles online from all over the country speaking about the uptick in foster homes made available for displaced animals during this pandemic. It’s refreshing to see and so very utilitarian of you!

We have wondered whether numbers are up in Omaha, so we reached out to the Nebraska Humane Society.

Thanks for stepping up and see the shelter’s comments on new fosters below.

Pets in Omaha: We see fosters rising around the country. Are numbers up at NHS?

Pam Wiese of the Nebraska Humane Society: Yes. We put out a request for emergency fosters awhile back and people generously answered the call!

We have people who are our regular foster providers taking animals that are healing etc. but we put out an early call for ’emergency fostering’ for some of our animals who have been here longer periods, and to help limit the number of animals at the shelter, should we have had a shelter-in-place order.  Those fosters will trickle back through the adoption system (with a lot more information on how they do in a home!) as they come back …essentially flattening the curve.

I think we have about 25 or 30 in E-foster right now, and we have more applicants. However we don’t always have the right fit, right away so as we need fosters we are utilizing those folks who have offered but don’t yet have a placement. And of course, sometimes the fostering becomes a permanent home — if that happens we are also thrilled and will simply make the adoption final.

So long story short–we have definitely seen an uptick. People want to help and also, if they are at home, they have the time, and may want the companionship, especially on a temporary basis. 

If you are interested in fostering from the Nebraska Humane Society now (or ever), click here.

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