Hemp Treats Vs CBD Dog Treats – Any Difference?

By on June 11, 2021

As a dog owner, what to feed your dog likely forms a huge part of your conversation. At some point, you’ll have to consider dog treats and full-on dog meals. Knowing the consumables that are healthy for your dog is often the difference between a healthy dog and a frail/ailing pet.

Many dog owners often wonder if there are any differences between hemp dog treats and CBD dog treats. This question stems from the knowledge that hemp and CBD contain cannabis in different quantities and forms. 

This article will clear the air on the issue. You’ll find out if there are differences between CBD dog treats and hemp dog treats. Before we get into the heart of the matter, let’s discuss the different classes of treats in this article. 

What are Hemp Dog Treats? 

Hemp dog treats, also known as Hemp-Infused dog treats, are treats that you can give to your dog at any time. They have the same effect on your dog as any other treats. These treats give your dog something to focus on, help it exercise its facial muscles, and assist with relaxation. 

In addition, the hemp in these treats play an important role in helping your dog calm down. The hemp is present in specific non-lethal quantities in these treats. Hemp dog treats are especially helpful when your dog battles with restlessness. The treats prevent your dog from getting anxious, while giving it something else to focus on.

Benefits of hemp dog treats

Hemp dog treats are beneficial because they: 

  • Give your dog something to chew on. This allows the dog to exercise its facial muscles, helping improve body circulation to that area. 
  • Help your dog relax and reduce its anxiety levels. When you give your dog a hemp treat, you’ll notice that usual stressors (like the footsteps of an approaching person) will no longer have strong effects on your dog. This will remain so as long as the hemp remains in the dog’s system. 
  • Don’t exactly induce drowsiness or sleep in your dog. This means that your dog would be less testy, although it would remain alert. 

What are CBD Dog Treats? 

CBD dog treats are dog treats that contain CBD (or cannabidiol). CBD dog treats have on dogs the same effects it has on humans. These effects include helping the dog relax and reduce anxiety. 

However, CBD doesn’t cause the dog to get excited (or high), because it’s known to be THC-free. As a result, your dog will only end up more relaxed. 

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

  • In addition to being dog treats that allow your dog to exercise its facial muscles, CBD dog treats can help your dog relax when it begins to get restless and irritated. 
  • CBD dog treats (because of the calming effects of CBD) can help your dog in old age. They help your dog deal with age-related challenges like sore muscles and joints, seizures, and inflammation. 
  • These treats come in many appetizing shapes, forms, and tastes. So you’re sure to find something that catches the attention of your pet. That way, your dog can enjoy the other benefits we’ve seen so far.  You can visit this site to gain more knowledge on CBD for dogs.

CBD Dog Treats Vs Hemp Treats – Are There Any Differences? 

This is where the controversy begins. Considering the major constituents of these treats, one can easily say that there isn’t any difference between them.

And that’s it.  

Hemp dog treats and CBD dog treats are the same. That’s the simple answer to the question. They are both obtained from the same constituent, CBD. Also, to a large extent, they both produce the same effects on your dog. 

So, don’t sweat it. 

The next time you’re looking for one of these treats in the pet store, you may want to ask for the other if one isn’t available. 

Ensure, however, that you don’t make a habit out of giving your dog CBD dog treats or hemp dog treats. You don’t want your dog to develop an unhealthy dependence on hemp/CBD. 

Also, consult with your veterinarian before settling on any hemp/CBD treat for your dog. A professional opinion could save your dog many untold risks. 

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