Homemade Food for Dogs: Pros, Cons, and Recipes

By on October 5, 2021

Feeding your pet isn’t as simple as going to the store, buying any kind of dog food, and putting it in the bowl twice a day. Instead, you need to know when to feed your dog, how much food it can get, and of course, which food to choose. Many dog owners choose to prepare their dog’s food at home in order to keep their pets healthy and happy. However, there are different opinions on how to take care of your dog among owners and specialists.

Today, we want to tell you more about preparing homemade food for dogs. We’ll go over the main benefits and drawbacks of this approach, debunk some common myths (such as the idea that homemade food lacks variety), and share some tasty recipes. Read on, learn whether this approach suits your and your dog’s lifestyle – and keep your furry friend well-fed and happy.


There are several benefits to preparing homemade food for your dog. One of the biggest ones is that you can feed it all the nutrients it needs. There are many foods that dogs don’t like, and you can choose what food to include (or not) in your pet’s diet, depending on its preference.

You can prepare the food in the exact amounts your dog needs, based on its weight and breed. This ensures that your dog gets all the nutrients it needs without overeating or getting too little.

As you prepare your dog’s food yourself, you can be sure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients, such as preservatives, coloring, or other artificial chemicals. This way, you know that your dog is eating healthy food that won’t cause digestive problems or other health issues.

Some people also believe that giving their dogs homemade food helps them get rid of certain health issues. They say that homemade food can help with allergies, skin conditions, arthritis, etc. However, there are no scientific studies to confirm this claim. Your dog might have some health issues, but these are unlikely to disappear just because you switch to homemade food. It’s best to consult a veterinarian if you suspect that your dog struggles with a health condition.

It is also believed that homemade food doesn’t contain enough nutrients. However, that isn’t really true. You can choose the ingredients by yourself and make sure that they include all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy life. Plus, variety is essential for ensuring that your dog gets all the nutrients it needs, and you can do that by adding whatever you choose.


It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to preparing homemade food for dogs. Here are some of the drawbacks of this approach.

It’s time-consuming. Preparing food for a dog takes a lot of time and takes a toll on your schedule. For instance, if you work full-time, you might not have the time to dedicate to preparing your dog’s meals.

Moreover, it’s not very convenient. If you decide to give your dog homemade food, you don’t have a choice but to make it at home. Not everyone has a kitchen big enough in their apartment to prepare the food and space for storing it. And if you want to take your dog out for a walk or go away on a business trip, then homemade food won’t work for you (unless you freeze some portions). Plus, you’ll probably need to buy some special equipment (such as jars) if you want to store the food properly.

Additionally, it’s not cheap. Preparing food at home is quite expensive in most cases.


Now that we’ve covered the main pros and cons of preparing homemade food for dogs, it’s time to look at some recipes. In this section, we’ll share a few that you can use as a starting point for your own homemade dog food.

The first recipe is quite simple and consists of rice, chicken, and carrots. It’s a low-fat diet but still contains all the necessary nutrients. 


  • ½ cup cooked rice (short grain),
  • 1 cup shredded cooked chicken meat (boneless),
  • ¼ cup freshly chopped carrots (or 1 tbsp. dehydrated carrots)

Preparation: Mix the rice, chicken, and carrots together in a bowl. Store it in the refrigerator. Serve half a cup of food per meal. This recipe makes enough food for two meals. You can also divide the recipe into smaller portions (for example, 2-3 servings) if you want to freeze it.

This recipe is pretty straightforward and suitable for even novice cooks. It’s perfect for picky eaters because it doesn’t contain many ingredients but still provides the necessary nutrients. You can also prepare this recipe in advance, so your dog always has healthy food available.

You can use any kind of meat you want for this recipe. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any bones or skin, as they are hard to digest. It’s also best to use skinless chicken breast, as it’s low in fat.

The second recipe is somewhat more complex than the previous one, though it doesn’t contain many ingredients. It’s made of rice, liver, and eggs.


  • ½ cup cooked rice (short grain),
  • 1 egg yolk,
  • 40g ground liver (or 1 tbsp. dehydrated liver)

Preparation: Put the rice into a bowl. Add the egg yolk and the liver. Mix well. Store the food in the refrigerator. Serve half a cup of food per meal, twice a day. This recipe makes enough food for five meals. If you want to freeze it, divide the recipe into smaller portions.

Since it makes five days’ worth of food, you won’t have to worry about preparing homemade food for your dog every day.

This recipe is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs because it contains only natural ingredients, such as rice and eggs. You can also add some vegetables if your dog is more of a fan of vegetables. Just chop them up and mix them into the food before serving it to your dog.

Final Thoughts

Preparing homemade food for dogs isn’t as difficult as it might seem. It’s just time-consuming, can get expensive, and not everyone will find it convenient. Plus, there are no studies that confirm the benefits of giving your homemade dog food.

However, if you want to prepare your dog’s food and feel more confident about the ingredients and the quality of the food, then go ahead – just make sure you do it right. If you don’t have enough time or money to do so, then buying pet food from the store is a better option.

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