How can a Knee Brace Help your pet after an Injury

By on March 9, 2020

Like humans, canine companions are also susceptible to knee injuries and subsequent discomfort. Damage can occur when your pet pooch does fun things like running around or fetching that ball you threw. 

Sudden knee jerk reactions can also cause your dog’s knees to experience pain, swelling, or stiffness. Where surgical intervention is not feasible, alternative non-invasive therapiescome to the rescue to strengthen and stabilize your canine’s joints.

dog knee brace plays the role of a support tool that helps improve the quality of life for your pet, post-injury. Common conditions that are successfully addressed by fitting your furry pal with a knee brace include:● A ligament injury which destabilizes the knee joint causing massive discomfort. Some breeds are more vulnerable to it than others. A significant indicator is when your dog becomes lame, and avoids using the injured leg to the extent of sitting only on one side.● Dislocation of the kneecap from their natural position results in your loyal companion holding up his hind legs for a considerable period. The latter action lengthens and relaxes the muscle in their hind legs, causing some relief.

When worn throughout the day and removed by night to allow the skin to breathe, a dog knee brace serves the following purposes:

Reduces pain and inflammation of knees

The brace provides comfort to your injured pet and promotes the healing of their affected joints. By rendering adequate support and stability, knee braces ensure no undue pressure is put on the injured knee. Braces successfully shift the weight from the injured body part and heal the injury with constant usage.

Increases Mobility 

Canines do not feel restricted and can go about their routine while wearing the durable brace made from lightweight material. Walking and moving around is a form of exercise that helps them to keep weight gain at bay. The more the weight your loyal companion piles on, the greater the strain on their injured knee.

Prevents Damaging Healthy Body Parts 

Till the time your dog’s injured knee recuperates fully, there are fears of every movement putting excess pressure on their back and hip areas. However, with the knee brace firmly in place, this likelihood is also ruled out. The brace provides just the right amount of support and distributes the body weight evenly to prevent further damage surfacing elsewhere.

Lowers the Chances of Future Injuries

Dogs, who continue to use their injured knee without any semblance of proper support attached, are likely to worsen their physical condition. Using the brace helps to stabilize the limbs and accelerates the entire rehabilitation process. 

Many a time, health and age factors do not permit your pet to undergo invasive surgery. In such scenarios, wearing a knee brace provides a feasible alternative. 

Knee braces come in different sizes, and it’s recommended you use a brace that snugly fits your dog’s knee. Taking accurate measurements beforehand enables you to select the perfect size. 

As a pet owner, any discomfort experienced by your four-legged companion is bound to upset you no end. Take appropriate steps to facilitate their wellbeing so they can resume their active lifestyle soonest.

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