How CBD Oil for Dogs Helps Your Pet in Stressful Situations

By on May 1, 2020

Dogs are habit-loving creatures. They enjoy a routine and don’t want to change it. They have everything they need – food, shelter, and their humans by their sides. But the lives of their owners are not so simple.  Since your world doesn’t turn solely around your pet, your usual behavior and daily acts can interfere with their routine. But many other things can disturb the dog’s life and stress them out.

On the page below, you can check the leading causes of anxiety in pets:

Your pet’s personality plays a significant role in how they will react to stressful situations. If your pup develops a problematic form of behavior as a result of the experienced stress, you have to respond promptly. These problems can escalate and cause severe diseases in your beloved pet.

If you eliminate the causes of stress as soon as possible, you’ll improve the mental health of your pet. In most cases, it is enough to pay more attention to the dog and use natural supplements. Traditional medicines are okay if prescribed by the vet, but these drugs can often have serious side effects.

For more information about using CBD as a solution for your four-leg friend, check this in-depth reading.

CBD to the Rescue

You’ve probably heard about CBD oil and how people use it because of its incredible medical value. What you may not have known by now is that this product can help your pets too. Because of the beneficial effects on the nervous system of the animal, cannabidiol treats anxiety, aggression, and all forms of behavioral issues.

The effect that CBD has on an anxious dog is the same as in humans. The human and animal body itself creates cannabinoids. These compounds maintain the optimal functioning of the endocannabinoid system. Among other things, this system is in charge of behavior and mood. But sometimes, this system needs extra fuel.

Cannabidiol in CBD oil is derived from hemp, natural, and safe to use. And most importantly, it works. Regular use of CBD oil reduces anxiety in dogs in the same way CBD Gummies do in humans by calming them down and sedating them. It is essential to know when a pet needs a dose of cannabidiol. Also, you have to follow instructions on cannabidiol use, and check the behavior of your pup after taking CBD oil.

Why Your Pup Becomes Anxious

Due to their keen senses, dogs are quite sensitive to environmental stimuli. They respond to noise, bright light, intense odors, but also to irritations that people may not notice. Also, their perception is different from yours.

Things like traffic, crowds in the streets, or celebrations with fireworks are usual for most people. But these can be quite stressful for dogs. Noise phobia is common in these animals. Here, you can see how to help your four-legged friend overcome the fear of loudness and sudden noise.

Also, the owner’s behavior largely determines how the pet will handle stress. For example, lack of socialization is a reason for your pup to develop a phobia from other animals or strangers. Or, if a previous owner abandoned a dog, there is an excellent chance of developing separation anxiety.

Aging and illness can also affect the behavior of your furry buddy. These conditions can numb your pet’s senses (vision, smell, and hearing). Then, the animal becomes nervous, aggressive, and even destructive. Also, some breeds have genetic predispositions to anxiety and phobias.

CBD for Separation Anxiety

Most pet owners are aware of the fact that their four-legged friends hate when they are home alone for too long. Not only your dogs hate being lonely, but they also have a predisposition to developing a severe phobia from it. When the owner leaves home, the dog stays alone. That is enormous stress for this animal.

The symptoms of separation anxiety (which you can learn more about at this link) differ in dogs. Some will openly show that they miss you, while others will suppress their feelings and grieve in quiet. This situation is not easy for both pets and owners. So, a timely reaction is crucial.

As we said, CBD has a mild sedative effect. Cannabidiol triggers mechanisms that affect the extra release of dopamine and serotonin. These are optimal doses to let the pup cheer up without being hyperactive. CBD oil has fast action if you give it to your pet in the mouth. A few drops, and you can leave the house with peace of mind.

Fear of Traveling

Car driving is also one of the things that people find usual. For some dogs, it’s just another bounce from the routine. While some pups will happily jump into the car and enjoy the ride, others will run away and refuse to get in the vehicle.

If the dogs aren’t accustomed to a car drive from a young age, they might develop traveling anxiety. The dog will be disturbed while driving, continually barking and whimpering, making you nervous too. When you drive, that can be dangerous.

CBD oil administered to pups before traveling will help them accept this change. Put a few drops on your pet’s favorite treat, and look for potential side effects. When your pooch seems calm, bring it into the car. Yet, be careful when using this product for the first time. Try it out for a few days before heading out to see if there are any adverse reactions.

The smallest cannabidiol amounts are enough for treating anxiety and fear of driving. Adjust the dose to the animal’s weight. But this may not always be the rule, as each dog’s metabolism is different. See the manufacturer’s website or ask your vet for additional info.

Like humans, dogs experience various forms of stress and can develop phobias and other psychoses. You must learn to recognize these behaviors to help your furry buddy. Natural remedies like CBD oils and hemp-based products are safe to use in your furry buddy. You can apply them in the treatment of anxiety as well as in the prevention of behavioral disorders and stress consequences.

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