How Often Should I Walk My Small Dog?

By on March 14, 2022

Did you know there are about 471 million dogs kept as pets in the world?

If you’re a responsible pet owner, it’s clear that you want to take good care of your pup and make sure they are getting all of the exercise they need.

Are you wondering how often to walk your small dog? Even though they are little compared to larger breeds, small dogs still need regular activity! 

Keep reading to learn what you should know about exercising a small dog and being a good pet owner.

How Often to Walk Your Dog (on Average)

In general, it’s good to walk your smaller dog at least 1 or 2 times per day, but this depends on several factors. Some things to consider include:

  • Your small dog’s age
  • Any health conditions your dog has
  • Your small dogs breed
  • Your dog’s eating habits

Large dogs need upwards of 3 walks per day on average, so you will need to go on walks with your smaller dog less often.

However, if your small dog is high energy, they still may need as much walking time as a larger breed might. Additionally, a younger dog likely has more energy than a senior dog, so these are all things that you’ll have to consider as a pet owner.

Dogs that are in good shape and aren’t at senior age yet can typically enjoy a 15 to 30-minute walk every day. Some dogs prefer longer walks while others prefer frequent shorter walks. 

Work with your dog to figure out what the best routine is, as every dog is a little bit different.

You may also want to look into a dog door for small dogs, that way your furry companions have the freedom to exercise, sniff, and play to their heart’s content!

Keep Your Dog’s Health in Mind

Aside from taking regular potty breaks outside, dog walks are good for your pup’s general health. Regular walks can help with joint health, digestion, weight control, and even limiting destructive behaviors.

However, you don’t want to overdo it either!

You can tell when a dog is enjoying the walk as well. As you get to know your dog better, you’ll be able to tell if they are happy and excited to be on a walk or if they would rather be taking a nap. Pay attention to how your pet behaves to really get a good schedule down. 

If you live in an apartment, be sure that you’re taking your dog out frequently to get plenty of outside time. If you live in a home with a yard, you may want to consider installing a dog door to allow the dog to let themselves out to potty. 

Remember that your dog needs walks in addition to these regular chances to go potty! 

Keep Your Small Dog Happy and Healthy

Owning a small dog is perfect for certain pet owners, but you don’t want to neglect their exercise needs.

You can keep the factors discussed above in mind as a general guideline, but your dog will communicate his or her activity needs to you. Make sure you listen if you want them to be happy and healthy! 

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