How the pandemic has impacted your pet, how to help

By on January 26, 2021

The 2020 COVID-19 world we live in is truly worth the one-star reviews it’s getting. Things are different for nearly everyone, and most would say things are not better than they were before March of this year.

Being home more is either something you enjoy, or it’s not. One would think being around pets more would positively impact them, but that may not be the case. Differences in circumstances could actually make things harder for your animals.

Thankfully, the Nebraska Humane Society has some tips for helping your animals maintain behaviors you’d like to see, plus encourage growth.

First, training courses could keep dogs active, learning, and accustomed to the structure that probably benefited them pre-pandemic. Classes are available at the shelter. Class sizes are limited, but they’ve always been small to encourage better attention from everyone. Ten to 15 dogs can be in the same class, and there are a variety of classes to choose from.

Check out more information about training here, including a list of courses like basic training and training for recent adopters.

A popular service from the shelter is the behavior help line. There’s been no impact to the phone line from COVID-19, and shelter specialists are happy to give suggestions and advice for pets from the shelter.

On the NHS website, you’ll find resources which are wonderful places to start when wondering about animal behavior. If you’re unable to find one that matches your concern or are still having trouble and need additional help, please call the shelter’s FREE Behavior Helpline at (402) 905-3421. You can also contact the shelter via email at

If things have become dire enough to where you can’t afford to feed your animals, the shelter’s food pantry – every Friday from 2-4 pm at the shelter- is available. There are even drive-up services. Check community services for more info on the pet food pantry from the Nebraska Humane Society.

If your animal is experiencing anxiety or loneliness, $5 may solve problems. Yappy pack playgroups are meeting in the meadows adjacent to the shelter and are a wonderful opportunity to socialize in a safe way. Click here for more on the Yappy Pack groups.

Here for you, too, are fun camps and select special events. Click here for a look at summer camp and here for events!

Also, Nebraska Humane Society’s Pam Wiese gives a rundown on these things in a video created for the 2020 Pick-a-Pooch Virtual Event- find that here and be sure to check back with the site between now and August 31!

Whatever’s happening in your world, and however you’re feeling these days, know the Nebraska Humane Society is here for you and your pets! Stay safe.

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