How to Choose the Best Hamster Wheels

By on January 25, 2020

Anyone who has a pet hamster knows that you can easily take care of them. You can know more about these pets when you click here. You just need to clean their houses from time to time. It would be best if you also bought different kinds of grains, and they are good to go. Occasionally, you can share some bits and pieces of bread and meat, but you don’t have too actually spend a fortune on their food.

Many people love hamsters because they are cute. They look sweet, munching seeds. They are great pets. Some won’t bite, and some will, but one can easily manage these. These pets also reproduce quickly. This is why many pet owners sell them for profits. A single hamster house can contain two to ten hamsters as long as they are in good terms with each other.

To keep them entertained, lots of people buy slides, wheels, and a lot of other puzzle houses for them to explore inside their cages. Although they look cute when sleeping, they can be fascinating when they are exploring caves and mazes that owners made or bought for them.

One of the best things that you can buy them when you have them as pets is a wheel. This is where they do their running, climbing, and exercising. A cute little hamster will run on the wheels faster for no reason. This can keep them fit and healthy as many pet owners know, their pets can die of heart attacks when all they do is munch seeds and sleep all day.

Running At Night

There are a lot of people who notice that these pets are generally noisy at night. This is because some hammies are nocturnal. They love to run around, explore, and eat when everyone in the house is sleeping.

However, some are bothered by the noises made by the hamsters. If the pets are placed in the bedroom, these pets are not the best roommates at night. However, some people live in single rooms or in studio-type apartments that might be forced to put their pets near them due to the lack of space.

There are times when the wheels are loud enough to wake everyone at night. Some wheels are rusty, and they make a lot of sounds and creaking when your pet runs on one of them. If you are someone who doesn’t have the option to keep the cage in another room, the good news is that you can significantly dampen the noise of the wheels.

Do You Like this Wheel?

You can’t ask your hammy if she likes this wheel or not. The next best thing that you can do is to observe the frequency of how it uses the wheels. If it feels safe enough, it will exercise frequently, and it can even climb on the wheels to entertain itself. 

Don’t choose the ones that have rough surfaces. Most hammies can tangle their small feet on the rungs and can hurt itself. If you prefer to elevate your wheels by attaching them to the sides of the cage, you should make sure that when the hammy gets off, it will land on soft bedding or surface to prevent hurting itself.

Quality of the Best Wheels

Right Sizes

There are a lot of sizes available, and you should choose the ones that will fit your pet best. For Syrian hamsters, choose large size entrances. This is because the Syrian varieties are wider, and they have different exercise routines than the Siberian ones. Syrians need more space so that they can stretch their backs fully and prevent any injuries. For Siberian or dwarf ones, the smaller sizes will do, and an enclosed space will make them feel more secure while running.  

Finding wheels that are wide and large enough will make sure that your pet will not run with an arched back. The right size is about 7 inches for the smaller ones and about 9 inches for Syrian ones. The wheels should be wide enough and choose an axle that won’t injure your pet.

Silent Runners

You should be able to sleep peacefully even if the wheels are running at full speed. There are plastics that are industrially approved and they provide can operate silently. Most companies use plastics because unlike metals, these materials don’t corrode, stutter, and squeak.

Most materials in the market can resist wear and tear for longer periods of time. This means that you can have a peaceful night of sleep for a long time without needing to replace the wheel of your hammy. You can know more about these noiseless quality products on sites such as You might want to consider something that has an innovative ball-rears that runs silently and smoothly. 

Most manufacturers design enclosed hubs to reduce noise. Most of the pets also prefer semi-enclosed spaces to reduce anxiety and feel safe. A free-standing device with a semi to full enclosure might be the best option for your pet in this case. With silent models, your pet can exercise night after night without driving you nuts.

As most hammies have a keen sense of hearing, other inhabitants inside the cage might not be able to sleep peacefully if the wheels are too noisy and squeaky. Choose a silent one that won’t make any monotone sounds even if your pet uses it in the middle of the night.

The Bottom Line

Your hammy needs exercise and entertainment so that it can live the life you want it to have. When choosing wheels for their activities, you need to select a solid surface that doesn’t have pinched areas. The texture should have an excellent grip, and it should be mounted to the cage securely. You can also choose free standing ones that are silent so that you can sleep peacefully at night even if your pet does a full-scale marathon.

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