How to Get Therapy Dogs in Nebraska and its Policies

By on November 2, 2019

In a 2017 research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-fourth of Americans have a particular type of disability, and 22% of it is from Nebraska. From these percentages, it can be said that many people can benefit from the use of therapy dogs. 

Have you been searching on the web for therapy dogs nebraska? Then you might be wondering how to get one and what are the requirements. Here are the answers to your queries. 

How to get a therapy dog?

Having therapy dogs in Nebraska is not as difficult as it was before because the state now recognizes the importance of these animals for people with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows residents of Nebraska with disabilities to get a therapy dog. These dogs may accompany them anywhere they go, such as restaurants, hotels, theaters, and other public places. 

To qualify for an assistant dog, pet centers require a screening process to ensure that the dogs will also be in good hands. The process requires you to pass an emotional support letter that has the following details:

  1. Your diagnosed disability with a certification from your doctor;
  2. The type of service dog that you need; and
  3. An explanation of how the service dog can be of help.

Once you pass this letter and the screening process, the company will contact a licensed medical health practitioner to certify your eligibility. Afterward, a therapy dog will then be provided to you. 

Policies on Having a Service Dog in Nebraska

The protection against discrimination from service dogs has expanded. Many public areas are not allowed to dismiss or reject a person from using their services because they have an accompanying service dog. Here are some laws passed for the protection of service dogs.


Airport Carrier Access Act

The Department of Transportation has issued an act wherein airports are not allowed to bar a person from flying with his service dog. 

Additional documentation may be required, which may come in any form. This document must state your disability, the need for your service dog to accompany you in traveling, and the certification from your doctor.

The Fair Housing Act and Assistance Animals

Landlords and universities are required to provide reasonable accommodation to tenants and students who need their therapy dogs with them. The same with airports, there may be a need to provide additional documentation. Also, the requirement for a pet fee is waived since they are not generally considered as ‘pets.’



The federal law of the ADA prohibits employers from preventing an employee from bringing their therapy dog to work. As long as the dog does not pose any threat or harm to other employees, they should be allowed inside the workplace.

If a particular employee is allergic to the animal, the law states that the employer must find a reasonable accommodation for the dog. A reasonable accommodation is where both the employer and the employee must find common ground where one is not unduly burdened by the other. It must be discussed between the two parties accordingly. 

If you know someone, a friend or a loved one who can benefit from having a service dog, then you should get them one as soon as possible. 

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