How To Give Your Pets A Good Night’s Sleep

By on March 19, 2019

Raising a pet is a bit like raising a child. You have to take good care of it and learn more on how to help it adapt. Just like human beings, pets have a sleep cycle. However, their sleep cycle is somehow different from ours. Pets are known to have a polyphasic sleep cycle. A polyphasic sleep cycle means that a pet sleeps 12-14 hours and that might be why they are unable to sleep 8 hours at night when you are. Pets tend to take naps during the day and that is what makes them more likely to stay awake at night.

How will you know if your pet gets a good night’s sleep?

The answer is simple. If your pet wakes up feeling lazy, lacking energy and enthusiasm, then it probably did not have a good night’s sleep. This is the simplest way to know. There are some tips to help you take care of such a thing. For example, make sure your dog is comfortable while sleeping.

Tips for giving your pet a good night sleep

  • Make a routine in your pet’s life

Creating a routine in general makes a psychological sense of when it is time for bed. Your pet will get used to the tasks being done in a certain order and eventually get to sleep. This routine could involve anything. Like for instance, the feeding routine. If you feed your pet a few hours before bedtime, it would be more likely that your pet gets to digest its food comfortably. Therefore, your pet gets to sleep well.

  • Make sure your pet gets to do enough activities

Doing activities and exerting effort is what takes away the pet’s energy, making it more willing to get to sleep. In this case, you have to make sure your pet gets enough amount of exercise and activities daily to make it easier for them to get to sleep. Pets need from half an hour to around two hours of activities to fuel down. You can also try walking your pet a bit before bedtime.

  • Specialize a sleeping place for your bed that is not in your room

Try to not share your sleep with your pet. Pets are very alert and that is why they can easily get disturbed while sleeping if you tend to move a lot while you are asleep. Think of a comfortable place away from your bedroom for them to sleep in and get them to adapt to it.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. If your pet sleeps well, you will be more likely to sleep well too. Just keep in mind that your pet’s sleeping cycle will get to change as it ages. That is why you need to make sure that your pet has a daily and system with routine. You also have to take into considerations that the amount of its daily activities will vary. Sweet dreams fluffy pet!

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