How to Keep Rodents Away From Your House

By on December 19, 2018

If you’ve got pet food, pets, a warm garage, or anything that attracts rodents, you’ll want to find ways to keep mice and other nibbling critters away. Here’s some helpful information in doing that.

Rodent is actually a word for gnaw. Rodents have a unique ability to nibble through hard objects, and this puts your house at risk. These animals will not only annoy you, but they also damage property and spread disease. If you see some droppings near food sources, then you should know that you have a rodent problem and you should take action immediately before the nuisance gets even worse. There are four crucial facets to effective management and control of rodents.

•Blocking access routes

The presence of rodent in your house means they have some access routes they use to commute from their nearby nest. Before taking any other control measure, identify and block any potential rodent routes. Look for any gaps, cracks or holes that need sealing and use an exterior-grade sealant to fortify the loopholes completely.

•Preventing exterior access

This is important if you have a kitchen garden. Start by weeding your garden and cutting down any bushes that might be potentially serving as nests. Cut down any branches that are hanging so low that they are touching your roof or your wall. Stocking up firewood in your backyard for winter is a common practice, but it has the undesired effect of attracting rodents. Make sure any firewood is stored above the ground to prevent rodents from hiding therein.

•Keeping your house clean

Rodents are usually attracted to your house by food. As a rule of thumb, do not leave any food uncovered and properly dispose of any leftovers in a bin that has a tight lid. Food should always be stored in airtight containers and kept in either a kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator.

•Remove cardboards

Rodents love cardboards, but they will settle for any paper product as their preferred habitat once they get to your house. If you want to eliminate rodents from your house effectively, you must ensure you have removed all cardboard and paper from your house.

The most effective method of removing rodents from your house must be a combination of all the four steps suggested above. Start by blocking the routes they may be using then ensure the ones in the house cannot access your kitchen garden for food. Keeping all your foods covered will make sure they do not have food Just like any other living thing, rodents require food for substance. As long as the rodents have access to food and a place to nest, they will increase rapidly, and before you know it, you will have a serious problem on your hands. The best time to deal with a rodent problem is as soon as you suspect they have infested your house. The more time you buy, the more chance you are giving them to multiply and take over your home.


Granted, rodent and all kinds of wildlife and pest control is a highly specialized field. Even though the tips shared here can help you greatly, you may want to contact a specialist just to be sure everything was done right. You can head over to for assistance.

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