How to Make Your Rescue Pet as Comfortable as Possible

By on April 2, 2023

Did you bring home a new pet from a shelter or rescue and want to know how to acclimate them to its surroundings? There will be a transition period with plenty of challenges for you and your new dog or cat, but with some careful planning, you will get through it, and your rescue pet will thrive.

Making your rescue pet feel as comfortable as possible can be accomplished if you introduce family members slowly, get them their pet supplies, and establish a routine. You want your new dog or cat to feel welcome and safe in your home. Rescue pets should feel like part of the family.

Coming into a new home can be stressful for a rescue pet. However, if you take the correct steps to ensure they feel secure and happy, they will learn to trust and embrace their new situation. The following includes the steps to take to help your new pet adjust:

Introduce Family Members Slowly

When introducing family members to your new companion, you should take things slow to make your rescue pet feel more comfortable. Meeting new people can make a pet feel anxious, and it is best to keep the animal away from others and in a room that makes them feel safe. Make sure the first couple of meetings are brief and gradual. Then, your pet will let you know when they are ready to leave the room.

Get Them Their Supplies

Be prepared with all the pet supplies your new dog or cat will need. Do not give your new pet hand-me-downs from another pet you may have, but get them new items so that they have things they know are theirs and theirs alone:

If you Have a Rescue Dog

Your rescue dog will need canine-friendly items:

  • 6-foot-long nylon or leather leash and collar
  • Chew toys like bones that are safe
  • Dog crate with mat or bed
  • Food and water bowls

According to the Humane Society, “The crate should be roomy enough to allow your dog to stand up, turn around and sit comfortably in normal posture.”

If You Have a Rescue Cat

Your rescue cat will need feline-friendly items:

  • Cat beds, Cave style beds, and furniture beds
  • Cat trees, made from durable material
  • A litter box eight by 12 inches is good
  • Cat toys and cat wands are fun.

Of course, your cat will also need food and water bowls. In addition, many cats prefer a fresh, cool water fountain to drink from.

Establish a Feeding Routine

The first thing you should do is create a feeding schedule for your new pet. Most veterinarians will tell you to feed your adult dog or cat twice daily, and the youngsters should be fed more frequently. Kittens should be fed up to six times a day with smaller meals, and when they reach about six months, you should gradually get them down to two times a day.

Puppies need to be fed according to their size and breed. Toy breeds generally require four to six meals for the first three months. After that, medium-sized pups will need to eat three times a day. Large breeds need about three to four meals daily. For adult dogs, you can depend on their estimated weight to know how much food to give. Having regular mealtimes ensures your new pet will have consistency.

Establish an Exercise Routine

Exercise is essential to maintain a dog or cat’s enrichment and overall health. For puppies, a few short walks during the day is safer because puppies are still growing, and too much exercise can harm their musculoskeletal development. In addition, puppies have a lot of energy, and the “zoomies” can help them release it.

Your adult rescue dog will need two daily walks for 30 to 60 minutes. Kittens can play all day. If you have a rescue kitten, play with them as much as possible. Ideally, you should play with your kitten two to three times daily for about 15 minutes each time. Adult cats should get about 10 to 15 minutes twice a day. A healthy exercise routine will help you bond with your new rescue pet.


It would help if you introduced your new rescue dog or cat to family members at a pace they are comfortable with. They should also get their supplies to help them feel welcome. Establishing a feeding and exercise routine is essential because it creates consistency.

Making your new pet feel as comfortable as possible would be best. In addition, you want them to have stability and a sense of family. Rescue pets are unique because not only do you rescue them, but they rescue you and make you a better person in return. 

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