How to Shop for a Litter Box

By on July 2, 2021

Pets also love convenience and tidiness and so deserve their own “bathroom.” Apart from keeping the pet clean, a litter box will help keep the house and surrounding areas clean and free from pet droppings. Another thing is the positive health impact. One cannot emphasize enough how a clean or dirty environment can affect those living there.

As much as everyone wants one of those beautiful boxes for their furry friend, not every owner knows how to shop for them. One has to consider a lot of things before deciding on the type to buy. Different factors like size and style affect owners’ choices. 

It is essential to choose the best litter box furniture for your pet, but it is equally important to do so before bringing your playmate home so that it can receive early training and avoid messing up the entire house.

What to Consider When Going to the Market

Shopping for pets the right way means that you want to take everything into consideration. And for the best litter boxes, you will be looking at the following

The size of the Box

When shopping for a litter box for your furry friend, it will help if you go for large boxes. Most litter boxes in the market are described as typical for a pet, but it isn’t easy to define what typical mean because pets vary in size across types and species. 

Nonetheless, it is better to buy a huge one than buy one that will be small and uncomfortable for your pet. Nobody wants to use a cramped bathroom. Pets do not want that either.

Also, going for a big enough size gives extra room for your pet to grow without a need to change the litter box. Buying a smaller size or one that perfectly fits does not leave room for growth and will cause you to change the box often, which is an avoidable expense. 

The Number of Litter Boxes to Buy

Most likely, every pet owner thinks having just one container to hold their playmate’s dropping is enough. However, this is not the case. It is essential to have an extra. Providing an extra option for your furry friend is not a bad idea. You can check this website for other additions to your pet’s corner. .

Also, it makes sure there is no possibility of messing up the house. The ideal calculation for buying this pet item is the number of pets plus one. That is, you need an extra box after you have given one to every pet.

Covered or Uncovered Options?

Another concern for pet owners is whether to buy the covered litter box or go for the uncovered one. Usually, you cannot tell for sure which one your furry friend will like. You may have to make a guess or try making your pet pick by itself. 

However, if you are going for the covered option, make sure that the opening is wide enough and does not limit movement. Also, pets that suffer from asthma and arthritis should use the ones that are uncovered.

Types of Litter Boxes

There are many options from which you can choose and buy the best item with which your playmate can relieve itself. Each type has its pros and cons and depending on what you want, you can decide.


If you go for this type, have in mind that you are likely to see and smell whatever droppings it holds. Also, if you have a dog in your home, it may bend over the container and help itself with whatever it contains. Elevating the box may stop the dog situation. The good side of this option is that it is inexpensive and comes in different colors, brands, and sizes.


This closed type solves the problems that owners face with the open type. It equally gives some privacy to your friend and protects other pets that may be in the home. Its downside is that it is more expensive.


This modified litter box is more expensive but offers enough services for its worth. It comes in a design that allows it to scoop by itself, thereby reducing the work you have to do. One complaint of owners who use this type is that some pets do not like the noise that it makes. You can check this link for other tech toys you want to consider for your pet. 


Disposable litter pan is best for traveling. It serves as a temporary provision for relief. However, it causes you to spend more and is not eco-friendly.

Litter Box Furniture

This type is a new design that comes in a fanciful style. The styling allows you to use it as part of your house accessories. It can come looking like a dollhouse or side table. The con of this box is that it consumes a lot of space.

Down Side of Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

As tempting as getting one of those new self-cleaning boxes may sound, there are also opposing sides to them. Apart from the fact that the sound it makes can frighten your pet, it also limits the attention you give to your furry friend. 

Scooping the droppings of your playmate yourself can help you observe any change in the urine or feces which may be a result of a disease. An automatic scooping litter will not allow you to notice such things.


A litter box is one of the first items pet owners should consider buying even before bringing their pet home. It is equally important to know which type of box is best for your pet. This article analyses different types of litter boxes. 

It equally reveals certain things that owners should consider before shopping to get the best for their pets. Your friend deserves all the convenience it can get when it is time to ease off, and it is up to you to provide what it needs.

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