How To Take Care Of Your Dog This Summer

By on June 22, 2019

Taking care of your dog when it’s warm is important. Dogs rely on us for care in such weather and here’s how to provide it.


  1. Don’t leave your dog locked in the car

A locked car with all windows closed can get really hot during summer. Although the temperatures may be 85-degrees outside, the vehicle will reach more than 100 degrees in less than 15 minutes. Leaving your dog in a locked car would be the same as tossing him/her in an oven. If you don’t want to take the dog with you, it would then be best to leave him/her in the house.


  1. Ensure the home is cool and comfortable

If you have to leave the dog at home, you then need to make sure the house is comfortable enough. Make sure the AC is turned on. If you however do not have an air conditioner, open the windows to let some fresh air in. A cooling vest may come in handy while you are away. You can also use dog cooling pads, visit to find the best ones.


  1. Walk the dog when during the cooler parts of the day

Walking your dog early in the morning and evening when the sun isn’t directly above, or too hot would be a wise idea. Hot and humid days can be particularly tasking to the dog. Be sure to carry some water nonetheless, in case you need to have a drink.


  1. Check the pavement

When heading out, test the temperature on the pavement with your hand. If it is too hot, it definitely will be for the dog’s paws. Avoid the pavement and walk on the grass instead. Booties may come in handy if the pavement or asphalt is too hot.


  1. Seek shelter and drink plenty of water while on the move

Just because you are walking our dog doesn’t mean he/she should take the full intensity of the heat. Walking in shaded areas, and seeking shelter whenever possible is good for the dog’s health. Resting under a tree, and letting the dog drink some water should help keep him cool and calm.


  1. Prepare cool treats

The canine too will appreciate some treats. Ice cubes with treats inside or even ice pops are a welcome treat for the canine while you walk.


  1. Avoid humidity

Humid weather isn’t recommended for any canine. This is because the air is loaded with moisture and heat, which makes it almost impossible or the dog to pant. Dogs have to pant to cool off. The excess moisture and heat could lead to heatstroke, hence should be avoided.


  1. Take proper care of dogs considered at-risk

Some dogs, especially the bulldog have smaller airways than most breeds. This puts them at a higher risk of suffering heatstroke in hot weather. The same applies to old and overweight dogs. You need to be patient with them and attend to all their needs while giving it a walk.


  1. Groom your dog

Dogs need special care during the hot season. Be sure to get rid of tangles or mats the dog might have during summer. This is especially important if he/she has long hair. You might not believe it but, the extra fur helps keep the dog cool in summer, and warm in winter.

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