How To Take Good Pictures Of Your Pet

By on August 16, 2023

Do you have an adorable dog or cat you want to capture in a photograph? You can use some creative tips and tricks to help make your pics look crisp, cool, and professional.

There are many ways to take a quality photo of your pet. If you want an authentic image, you can get them in natural lighting, such as near a large window with overcast lighting softly shadowing their furry face. Focus on the eyes if you want to create a sense of emotion.

You can set a scene by utilizing the outdoors, such as a nearby park or an open area with lots of greenery. If you want to learn how to take good pictures of your pet, check out this article.

Tips For Taking Good Pet Pics

As mentioned, there are many ways to take pet photos, depending on what setting and background you prefer. Feel free to get creative or playful. Dogs and cats make great photo subjects; with a bit of encouragement (and maybe a few treats), you can get them to “strike a pose.” Tips:

Use Natural Lighting

The ideal times to take pictures in natural lighting are before the sun sets or immediately after it rises. According to, this period, cherished by photographers, is “the golden hour.” The daylight is more subtle and overcast than when the sun is higher in the sky, and it is said to produce magical photos. This lighting helps to make flattering portraits.

Set the Scene

If you photograph your dog, you can take them somewhere fun where they can be themselves and have a blast! You want to create a relaxed environment for your pet. Some great places for you to get an impeccable picture of your pup:

  • Dog park
  • Boat ride
  • Beach trip
  • Mountain hike

Cameras perform various operations that allow you to freeze the action. Use photo techniques to get a pic of your pup jumping up in the air catching a frisbee in their mouth, or swimming in a lake. The setting is an essential element of photography.

According to Tim Marchant on, you want a fast shutter speed to freeze your pet’s actions or motions. For example, if you have a puppy, try using bubbles (yes, like the ones you blew as a kid) to get them to run and jump and be playful.

The Eyes Have it

If you photograph your cat, you must focus on their eyes because a cat’s eyes, in particular, are exceptional, mysterious, and beautiful. In the dark, cats’ pupils are dilated; if you photograph them in dim lighting, their eyes will make them stand out. The less available light, the more intense the eyes will appear. Your furry feline’s eyes are highly reflective, and if you have a dark background, their eyes will pop.

Play with the Camera

Some cameras were explicitly made for pets. You can set the camera in various settings for the best outcome. Your pictures will look more professional with the proper settings for each photo. This is your opportunity to have some fun:

  • Wide angle Provides a broader field of view and allows you to have more in the pic.
  • Night mode This captures a photo over an extended period and has more detail.
  • Portrait mode The background is often blurry, and your pet will command attention.
  • High dynamic range Helps to balance shadows, highlights, and shadows to create the perfect pic.

The combination of camera settings you use can make or break a picture. Here are some tips from the animal humane society: You can get a cute pic of your pet sleeping in night mode. Switch to a wide angle when you want a picture of the two of you cuddled up on the couch.

Treats and Toys

Play it smart: utilize treats and toys to get your pet’s attention. Just one shake of the treat bag is often enough for a dog or cat to get that wide eyes “gimmie-gimmie” look. You can also take some awesome pics with your pet and their favorite toys. You can hold the treats or toys close to the lens to ensure they look at the camera. Switch it up so that they do not become bored or expect it.

Have Costumes or Props Ready

Costumes will add interest to the picture, and nothing is more adorable than a dog or a cat wearing a dapper-looking bowtie. A super fashionable pair of sunglasses can add an element of style and coolness to your pet. If it is around Halloween, you can dress them up in any costume you want. Make sure your pet is comfortable and happy when you go to take a picture.


There are many different approaches to picture taking. Taking a good picture of your pet does not require a professional photographer. However, that does not mean you should not try. With these tips and tricks, you can make your photos creative and fun.  

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