In-home pet hospice, euthanasia on the rise

By on March 19, 2014

Both locally and nationally, we’ve noticed the trend of in-home pet hospice and euthanasia is growing. We’ve previously  indicated that the hospice care available for pets is available at local Humane Societies and veterinary offices, but in-home care is often harder to find. Now, pet owners have the opportunity to provide the services to their animals and have choices between businesses that offer this kind of care.

From Los Angeles’ CBS affiliate (209)- Veterinarians are serving “peaceful passings” to pets in their offices as usual, but now in homes as well. This article details the more common practice of in-home hospice and euthanasia. Lap of Love is an L.A.-based business that provides these services to pet owners.

“’Veterinary hospice is about caring when we don’t have a cure and people don’t want to say goodbye too soon,” Dr. Mary Gardner said. “Their pet is comfortable and is getting the best health care.’ Dr. Mary uses hospice euthanasia as a means to provide a calm, gentle way of passing for pets who are beyond cure or who are severely arthritic.”

In Omaha, a company called Road to Home gives pets and pet owners the comfort and peace of mind that comes with euthanizing animals in the place of their choosing. Dr. Adam Carter, along with his brother, Heath, co-owns Road to Home and provides custom services for pets and owners. From playing the guitar to taking a lock of the pet’s hair before leaving the family, the services are tailored to pet owner’s requests, as seen in this recent Omaha World Herald article.

As we’ve also indicated in previous content, the honesty and openness surrounding the process of embarking upon end of life care is growing as well. These factors, along with the services provided by Lap of Love, Road to Home, and Paws to Angels, one of our pet partners, have made the issue more accepted and transparent.

When your pet is approaching the end of its life, it is comforting to know that you have options. Contact your local vet and see our Directory for help with making decisions when that time comes.

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