Interesting Facts About A Boerboel

By on July 30, 2021

The Boerboel is an interesting breed whose popularity has grown far and wide. It exhibits large and powerful features, traits that make it a perfect watchdog. 

It is also a fast runner, an impeccable hunter, and socializes well with most animals if trained well. It is also worth noting that, these hounds are quite heavy and can weigh up to 200 pounds. 

You might want to take precautions when handling them to avoid getting hurt in the process. To understand a Boerboel, research more about their grooming, training, feeding, socialization, and exercise. That said, here are a few interesting facts about this breed.

  • Their origin

The Boerboel is a mastiff-like breed with a South African origin. It is also believed to be a descendant of the Molossian shepherd dog. The name Boerboel comes from the Afrikaans language, where “Boer “stands for a farmer while “boel” translates over to “dog”. Typically, the breed is known as a farm dog. It is also believed to be a mix of multiple dogs, hence its superb traits.

  • Are they good with other pets?

Surprisingly, unlike most big dogs, these hounds get along well with other animals. This can also be credited to the fact that this dog wasn’t bred to hunt small animals or rodents. 

Nonetheless, if you’re thinking of introducing it to other family pets like cats, basic socialization is important. 

It is also worth noting that the Boerboel can be a bit hostile with pups of the same gender. So, consider pairing them with one of the opposite sexes instead.

  • Needs firm handling

This breed is naturally territorial and can be quite aggressive especially around strangers. People have even reported cases of even serious attacks by these animals. 

To avoid this, you will need to give your dog firm handling from an early age. You can achieve this through intensive training and exercise. 

This will help them adjust better as they grow older. See this link to read more on training your Boerboel 

  • Are they aggressive?

This breed is naturally defensive, which makes it an ideal guard dog. It will fight endlessly to defend its owner against a foe. Likewise, it has no love for strangers or newcomers and might pounce viciously on them the moment they intrude. It is also quite aggressive with other dogs of the same gender. still, the breed is interestingly gentle with children, cats, and adults they are familiar with.

  • Banned in some countries

This might seem unlikely given that dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, but it’s quite true. In countries like Denmark, the Boerboel is seen as a war dog, which is the main reason why it is banned. Other countries like Ukraine and Russia consider this animal to be very lethal and vicious compared to other pups. For this reason, you’re not allowed to ke ep it as a pet.

  • Their lifespan

On average this breed can live between 9 to 11 years. However, the breed’s life expectancy depends on various factors including diet, activity level, and general health. 

Being a large dog, this South African mastiff is prone to joint disorders like elbow and hip dysplasia. These conditions can drastically deteriorate the general well-being of your hound and lead to a faster death. 

Luckily, you can manage the situation by exercising proper care and giving your pet plenty of joint supplements.

  • Do they bark a lot?

This breed is gentle and quiet in nature. You will never find it barking for the sake of it. It will only bark to alert you when danger is lurking close to your home or when the owner is physically attacked. 

As mentioned earlier, the Boerboel is a watchdog and will react when threatened. Click here for more insights on how to keep your dog happy and healthy. 


If you’re looking for a dog that can defend your family from any intrusion, then this is the right pick. when it comes to defending its territory, this breed is quite loyal, courageous, and alert. You will also love its gentleness around children and other family members. Like any other pet, the Boerboel needs proper training and exercise to thrive. You must teach them the basic rules and boundaries of your home. Overall, this breed is phenomenal, and it knows how to warm its way into your heart provided you reciprocate.

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