Iowa the latest state to visit animal rights legislation

By on February 27, 2014

Under some new guidelines set by proposed legislation in Iowa, animals will become more protected. Also, the penalties may become more severe in the state. Iowa is following suit of many states pushing for more animal rights and protection bills.

One reason for the proposed animal cruelty laws being stiffened is that lawmakers hope people will be deterred when they think about abusing and mistreating animals- whether they are pets of animals of farms.

Another issue being raised is the outlawing of horse slaughter. No talks have occurred on the floor about legal measures as of yet, but it’s great that the idea is being thrown around.

To read an article about this from an Iowa NBC affiliate, click here.

We are happy that Iowa, along with many other states are increasing penalties for animal abuse, farmers are having to be more careful with the use of antibiotics in animals and that registered pet offender lists are being discussed throughout the country. All of these things add up to a wonderful movement towards better protection for animals and a safer world for all.

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