Keep your kitty healthy with these five oral health tips

By on January 12, 2017

We all do our best to take care of our fluffy companions. Whether it’s giving plenty of attention or maintaining health through regular check ups, we want our pets to be happy and healthy. What owners may overlook sometimes, however,  is their cat’s oral health. Below is a list of five tips for keeping your cat’s oral health where it needs to be.

1    Examine the cat’s mouth- This is simple, but it could be instrumental in avoiding things like periodontal disease in the future. What to look for: gums should be pink, not red. If your cat has bad breath, is drooling, drops food, has any oral bleeding, or only uses one side of its mouth to eat, you may want to visit your vet.

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2   Brush teeth regularly-  Develop a regular cleaning schedule. Adult cats can be difficult when it comes to teeth cleaning. To avoid these issues, it is best to get the cat used to having its teeth brushed. In a similar fashion to dogs, first use either a finger cot or gauze with cat toothpaste and allow the feline to get used to having its mouth cleaned. As the cat gets used to your finger then you can move on to using a cat toothbrush. Never use human toothpaste as the fluoride can harm cats. Cat toothpaste is regularly available.

3  Maintain you annual checkup schedule. This may seem obvious, be it can’t be stressed enough that your cat get a full exam and check up yearly.

4    Balanced diet– Cats should have a balanced diet to keep them healthy. Give your cat a mixture of wet and dry foods with a variety of meat. Treats are okay, but use them sparingly.

5    Give them bones– Cats are predators in the wild. And cats in the wild use bones to keep their mouths healthy. Uncooked bones are best. Don’t use pork, chicken, or fish bones as they can splinter and damage organs.

There’s a ton of information on our website about maintaining your pet’s health. For a run down on canine oral health, click here.

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