Make the World a Better Place for Your Furry Friends

By on August 13, 2020

Dogs have been man’s best friends for ages, even before civilization had a name. Today, however, the world seems to be a cruel place to the dogs that do not have a family. Strays and abandoned dogs have nowhere to go but to wander the harsh streets without any food or water. 

People yearn to help these animals in their own little ways but are highly aware that only organized structures can anyone provide long-term relief to these animals. This is why animal shelters and non-profit animal rescue services have sprouted up by the people whose goal is to provide care and food to our furry friends. 

Shelters and NGOs, however, cannot run forever without money and funding. If the founder pays for everything, running the shelter becomes highly inconvenient or improbable. That’s why these places open up to the broader public to help in their struggle by placing a donation for dogs

How to Raise Donations for Dogs?

Dog shelters are essential for safeguarding strays and neglected animals. These shelters also make a great place for families or individuals to adopt dogs, as breeding dogs are a cruel and inhumane process. 

Even though shelters are an invaluable asset to a community, NGOs can never guarantee funding just by doing something for the greater good. NGOs also need to have a strategic approach to get a constant flow of money to help the increasing number of animals. Here are a few ways to organize funding for your shelter:

•​Dog Walks or Dog Parks – One of the easiest ways to arrange donations for dogs is by hosting dog walks. Your staff or volunteers can take over walking the dogs of the locality and ask the owners to pay you for it. If there’s a park that allows dogs in, you can have a marathon within the park and get pet owners to pay for entry. You may also plan out a scenic route within the locality and have people come out for morning walks. This way, both the canine and its owner will be occupied, and you can charge a small fee for participation. 

•​Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is a great way to take your platform online and target a global audience. You can appeal to animal lovers from all across the world for donations. The best part is, with crowdfunding, every person donating can give you a tiny amount, but with the number of people donating, it would make a huge difference. You can also brand your NGO by doing this, to ensure more donations in the future as more people know about your organization. 

•​Dog washing – Just like car washes, you can have a dog washing day in your community where you give all the dogs a bath, and the owners pay you a small amount. This wouldn’t be simply a bathing session but an interactive and engaging session for both the animal and its owner. You can set up chairs and tables and have the people of the locality set up a picnic or a potluck to make it an event. Picking the right spot, finding volunteers, and washing the dogs will give you reasonable footing to charge people for the event. 

When you’re starting, funding for shelter gets really difficult. However, there are always people who will be willing to help animals free of cost. By volunteering and doing pro bono work at the start, you can easily set up your shelter and receive donations for dogs regularly.

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