Meet Omaha Organics, a homegrown and earth-friendly lawn care solution

By on March 14, 2022

Lush green yards are in fashion, but many lawn fertilizer products used to achieve these results are harmful to people, pets, and the environment. This is especially true for pets that like to play and roll in the grass and track things into the house. What’s the point of having a pristine lawn that is too dangerous to enjoy?

Consumers are looking for more earth friendly solutions for their lawn, so they can truly enjoy outdoor time, and not worry about their family and pets coming into contact with harmful substances.

Rob and Kelly Elder, owners of Omaha Organics, also wanted a safe, sustainable and beautiful lawn for their family and pets to enjoy, so they did the research and built an earth friendly lawn care program that they are proud to share with the Omaha community. 

Omaha Organics is Nebraska’s premier source for earth friendly lawn care services and organic fertilizer products that are safe for people, pets and the planet.

Their mission is to a new standard in lawn care by helping consumers enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, safe, sustainable and healthy lawn.

They constantly pursue their mission by researching and developing earth friendly lawn care solutions and educating consumers about safer and sustainable lawn care strategies. 

Omaha Organic’s strategy behind earth-friendly lawn care is to create a healthy lawn with well-balanced soil where grass flourishes, cratering less opportunities for weeds to invade.

Their 100% plant-based, nutrient rich fertilizers continually improve the soil (unlike harmful chemical fertilizers) to develop a better soil structure with greater ability to hold moisture and nutrients, and nourish soil life, so consumers can achieve a lush green lawn without sacrificing the safety of people and pets!

People and pets can enjoy their lawn immediately after every fertilizer application. Does your pet eat grass? No worries, some of the plant-based ingredients in their earth friendly fertilizer are also commonly found in pet food. 

They are family owned, Omaha born and raised, and exceptionally proud to offer their early friendly services and products throughout our local community.

To learn more about Omaha Organics’ standard fertilizer program and receive a free estimate, fill out a contact form on their website

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