Methods to Keep Your Pet Stress-Free

By on October 11, 2023

Does your dog or cat seem stressed or anxious, and do you want to know how to help? Helping your pet overcome anxiety can be challenging, but it is essential for our four-legged friends to feel safe. 

Exercising your pet releases endorphins in their brain that can help them relax. These endorphins produce calm, happy feelings for your dog or cat, encouraging healthy rest or sleep. You can also sample a product specifically designed to relieve stress and anxiety in pets. 

Dogs and cats may require different treatments to alleviate anxiety, and it could take time to find the right approach. This article will teach you more about the best methods to keep your pet stress-free.

Methods to Keep Your Pet Stress-Free

Every so often, our pets need a helping hand. If you have a dog or cat experiencing evident feelings of stress or anxiety, there are various methods you can try to help them calm down. A stressed dog may put their ears back and not make eye contact, while a stressed cat may hide more than usual or avoid human touch. The following include some ways that will encourage your pet to combat stress:

Exercise Them 

Dogs and cats require different methods to decrease their stress through exercise. Dogs enjoy being active; getting them outside for rigorous movement is often satisfying. Cats, on the other hand, love the chase and the hunt. They enjoy the simulation of a good hunt with various games and toys: 

Ways to exercise dogs that will help them beat stress:

  • Fetch
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Swimming 

Toys to exercise cats that will help them beat stress:

  • Toy mice 
  • Food puzzles
  • Feather wand 
  • Laser pointer

Exercise is the best natural way to prevent stress in your pet. Burning off excess energy is important to help your pet relax. Dogs should get two walks a day, and a half hour each time. You should play with your cat in a way that allows them to mimic hunting for prey.  

Stick to Routines

Sticking to a routine is fundamental for minimizing stress in your pet. Walk your dog around the same time each day so that they know what to expect. Having a set mealtime for your cat can help them feel comfortable. A feeding routine can help your pet adjust to changes in the household. Pets tend to thrive off consistency, which can help prevent separation anxiety.   

Have a Safe Place for Them to Retreat

If your dog or cat is stressed, it is good to have a safe place for them to retreat. Your dog may benefit from having a crate to go into if they are anxious. It is a safe, quiet place for them to hang out. Cats feel secure when perched high on a cat tree, looking down and surveying their kingdom. Pets like to have their own space to decompress. 

Try Products That Relieve Stress in Your Pet

You can purchase products that help ease stress and tension in your pet. If your dog hears thunder or fireworks, and it makes them feel frightened, a ThunderShirt may be helpful. A ThunderShirt works like a baby swaddle. It applies gentle pressure to make your dog feel safe.

Feliway calming pheromone spray mimics natural pheromones released by a mother cat to reassure her kittens. It provides a sense of security and comfort for cats. It can also help reduce stress-related behaviors like constant scratching. Pets deserve to be stress-free, and these products can work wonders. 

Training Increases the Bond with Pets

Training your canine companion is a crucial aspect of dog ownership. Your dog may become stressed if they enter an unfamiliar situation, like a stranger entering the home. Training decreases unwanted behaviors and increases the bond we have with our pets. Some basic commands your dog should know:

  • Sit
  • Stay 
  • Come 
  • Lie down 

You can also train your cat with clicker training. Clicker training is positive reinforcement for your furry feline. You press the clicker and give your cat a tasty treat. The click sound tells your cat they are doing something you want them to do, and you will reward them. 

Quality Time Together

Nothing is better for pets and their humans than spending quality time with each other. Touch is essential for developing a healthy relationship. Cuddling with your pet encourages bonding, and when you pet your dog or cat, the “love hormone” oxytocin increases in both the pet and the owner. Close interaction brings a sense of peace and serenity to your pet.


Managing your pet’s stress requires a combination of methods that will decrease stress or prevent it altogether. Exercise, sticking to routines, and products marketed for relieving stress and anxiety symptoms can be helpful options. Stress and anxiety can be a detriment to your pet’s health and well-being. Your pet is family, and you should always aim to make them feel comfortable and safe.

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