Music playlists on Spotify just for pets

By on February 19, 2020

Pets are big business, as we know. Specialty food, designer apparel, and social media brands all over indicate folks understand what’s happening to our pet world.

Normalization of luxury items for pets like what can be found while searching the web is wild, too. Here are a couple of the top hits from a Google search:

Click here to see a $2,000 couch for your pet. If you’re dog’s bed budget is only $1,300, see this one. Not ready to drop that much? Here’s a pet bed that’s only about $250! Also, try throwing down a blanket for heaven’s sake.

Amazon sells cat trees for less than $50 that are pretty cool. If you’re looking to make your cat’s play area the centerpiece of your living room, see this “cat mod” that’s about ten times more.

Don’t think that’s normal? It doesn’t seem it should be, but the sheer number of listings like this tells us it’s more common than we think.

And knowing how much these things can be, we’re here to help you entertain your pets for MUCH less.

We recently heard about playlists that feature music meant for pets and wondered if this was really something folks were looking for. Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. A recent study surveyed 500 pet parents and nearly three out of four turn on this kind of streaming music meant for pets. Wow.

You’ve heard of animals having a specific channel on the TV they enjoy, too, right? Flip on something your pets seem to pay mind to and roll with that for some cheap entertainment. If you’re looking for a show meant for people to turn on for their animals, check your listings for National Geographic or Dog TV (yes, that’s a real channel).

If you have a smart TV, here’s a tip: go yo YouTube and search for ANYTHING you think your pets will enjoy. There is, for example, an 800-minute-long squirrel video for those pups who like to hunt those varmints.

Crazy? Maybe. Common? For sure. Things are getting specialized and personalized for you and your pets. Take advantage of the huge market for all of this and please your pets.

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