New ASPCA survey reveals just how many people still don’t know about puppy mills

By on December 14, 2019

Earlier this month, the ASPCA published data from a national survey. It’s both inspiring and maddening.

According to the survey’s results, about one in four people “bought a puppy from a pet store who became severely ill or know someone who did and nearly half (45 percent) report that the sick puppy died.”

If you didn’t know already, nearly all dogs sold in pet stores are from commercial breeding facilities (puppy mills). Conditions in mills are not conducive to animal well-being, only efficient puppy making. Many dogs from mills, therefore, are sick- either from bad genetics or poor conditions.

It’s maddening that such a high number of dogs are sick and soon dead. It’s also maddening that so many people are either unaware of or don’t care where pet store pups come from. It’s why we and so many others work to educate.

The ASPCA suggests that you start at your local rescues and shelters when looking for a dog. If you’re going to buy a dog from a breeder, meet the breeder and meet the mother of the puppies. That’s the best way to know of a breeder’s reputability.

Click here to see a report on the survey from the ASPCA.

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