New program pays adoption fees for pets that go to military veterans

By on July 8, 2021

The Nebraska Department of Veteran’s Affairs asks a question on its website:

Why Should Vets Get Pets?

And here’s its answer:

A study done at two Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinics examining the benefits of canine companionship for veterans with PTSD found that overall the veterans who participated in the study helped them feel calmer, less lonely and depressed, and less worried about the safety of themselves and their families. In addition, the CDC notes that studies have shown that owning a pet can lead to potential physical and mental health benefits such as increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities, and increased opportunities for socialization.

It’s no mystery that pets are beneficial to our mental health. Knowing that, the new Vets Get Pets program pays adoption fees up to $350 for pets that go to veterans.

Wondering how to become eligible for the program? Are you a shelter or rescue and wondering about the fees? Click here to find out more.

Also, anyone can purchase a new Nebraska license plate featuring the Vets Get Pets program. Proceeds go towards paying adoption fees from the program.

Check out the plate below!

Vets Get Pets license plate. Paw Print camouflage background with a white paw print on the left side of the plate. The words Vets Get Pets are under the paw print emblem

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