News about animals in Iowa makes us (literally) sick

By on May 15, 2019

First- if you’re new to the site, welcome! If not, you know that we report on pet-related news and info we come across that interests us and our readers in and around Omaha. Sometimes, the stories involve puppy mills in Nebraska and Iowa, plus the stores their dogs are sold in. We advocate for adoption, lift up rescues and shelters, and celebrate the efforts of people fighting to care for animals displaced or in mills.

The two stories detailed below recently made us sad, but we’re pleased to share them with our readers who, we know, will work to enact change, whether it’s through legislation, education, or public awareness.

Puppy mills make us sick. Literally.

The Des Moines Register recently reported on a “disease in dogs that can be passed to humans,” in this article.

State Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand, the newspaper said, “has confirmed several cases of ‘canine Brucellosis’ coming from a commercial small-dog breeding facility in Marion County. The sickness is known to only affect dogs and humans, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health.”

“The disease is most common in kennels and breeding facilities,” the article said.

If you had any doubt that adoption was the way to go when looking for a new companion, this surely puts the debate to bed. Buying a dog from a pet store typically means you’ve purchased a puppy mill pup. Puppy mill pups are typically more prone to sickness anyway, but now we know there are cases in Iowa where dogs are really sick AND can make you sick. Adopt, don’t buy. Please.

Iowa is home to (again) many of the worst puppy mills in the country

Each year, the Humane Society of the United States publishes its “Horrible Hundred” Report, which details some of the worst of the worst breeders in the country. The 2019 edition is out and Iowa is home to a baker’s dozen of them.

This article from WHO-TV features a couple of things of note including:

  • words from our pal, Bailing Out Benji founder Mindi Callison
  • words from some of the breeders on how “inspectors caught them on a bad day” or that they “had no idea ‘this’ was happening at their kennels”
  • a summary of the Horrible Hundred in 2019

Stay tuned for more on this from Pets in Omaha, plus other pet news and information that’s (we hope!) happier for animals.


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