NHS extends a helping hand to keep one pet and pet owner fed, and living together

By on February 3, 2021

The food pantry at the Nebraska Humane Society is meant to provide timely assistance to pets in homes where things have gotten recently rough. That’s nothing new. What’s unique about this pet food pantry story, however, is the care extended beyond one cat and to its owner in their lean time.

We read a heartwarming story first spotted on KMTV in which the Nebraska Humane Society and its staff showed us how compassionate and caring it can be. Read the original story here or see our summary below.

It’s pet licensing time, and when one Omaha woman sent her fee to the shelter, see added a note. She wasn’t able to care for the cat anymore, so she was requesting that the shelter retrieve her pet.

The shelter’s top goals are to keep animals in their homes and, when needed, to find homes for animals that are displaced. So when the note came to the Nebraska Humane Society and animal control responded, rather than taking the cat, the responding officer took food for the animal.

And in delivering the emergency food for the kitty, it was learned that the cat’s owner was without anything to eat as well. The officer quoted in the KMTV article said she surveyed the pet owner, then went into action gathering food to get her through for a bit.

We’re in trying times for a higher-than-normal portion of the population, so it’s refreshing to hear that the Nebraska Humane Society was not only able to keep kitty at home, it was able to provide its human with help needed.

And during these days of pandemic and division, we’re glad to report there’s still humanity left. Good on the officer and thanks to the shelter for continuing its much-needed pantry for pets in a pinch.

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