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By on October 8, 2021
There are many reasons why people decide to get a pet. The most common reason however, seems to be for companionship. Even therapists these days often recommend raising a pet as a therapy for some patients. Having a dog or cat around is one way for you to get your mind off unnecessary things. Some pet owners report becoming more responsible after taking in a dog or a cat. 

Reports like these tell us that pets are not just any other animal. In many homes, they are treated like every other member of the family, as it should be. Like we humans, our dog or cat requires grooming and regular health checkups to live a happy healthy life. 

While some dog and cat breeds do not require much when it comes to grooming, others do. These breeds usually have long coats that need to be trimmed regularly for these animals to look their best. Dog breeds like the Poodle, Bichon Frise, Afghan Hound, and the Portuguese Water Dog are known for their impressive coats. Breeds like these require a lot of grooming but it is totally worth it. 

Like dogs, some cats require regular grooming to prevent their coat from tangling and matting. Regular grooming minimizes shedding and helps to get rid of fleas. The Birman, Persian, and Himalayan Cats are examples of high-maintenance cats. Click here to learn more about the Birman Cat. 

Benefits of Pet Grooming

The following are some of the benefits pets enjoy from regular grooming:

Early Detection of Skin Diseases or Health Issues

Scheduling regular appointments for your pets with a groomer is one sure way of detecting skin problems or any other health issue early on. Once the groomer becomes familiar with your dog or cat, it becomes a lot easier to spot any abnormalities in their body. These may include lumps or bumps that one can easily miss when brushing the pet’s coat. Usually, detecting these problems early on is crucial in eliminating any serious condition. 

Better Smell and Hygiene

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of getting pets groomed. You’d be surprised just how much of a difference it makes to brush away and get rid of all the dead skin on your pet. When these things accumulate your dog or cat can easily develop an unpleasant odor that will scare people away. If yours is in this state, the best time to visit a groomer was yesterday! Groomers perform wonders when it comes to pet clean-up, so, book an appointment immediately. 

A Healthy Coat that Shed Less

Regardless of the pet’s breed or the length of its hair, regular appointments with a groomer will improve the condition of its coat. Even if it is only brushing, when done by a professional, it helps to get rid of dead skin, loose hair, and any dirt lying under the coat. This greatly minimizes shedding and keeps your pet’s coat healthier and shinier. 

A person holding a dog

Description automatically generated with low confidenceTreatment of Fleas

Unfortunately, fleas are inevitable when it comes to dogs. However, their growth can be greatly minimized by regular grooming. Groomers are aware that this is a problem that dogs face, and they also check and treat fleas whenever they groom a dog. Some groomers even have special treatments that may help to get rid of these nasty bloodsuckers for good. 

Prevent Deformation and Improve Posture

One thing many pet owners overlook when it comes to taking care of their pet is nail trimming. What most owners don’t know is that their pet becomes uncomfortable when their nails are overgrown. Walking on overgrown nails can be painful and so, many pets damage their posture trying to better accommodate their long nails. 

This leads to serious health issues like bone deformation and arthritis. You can tell if your pet’s nails are overgrown if they touch the ground when your dog or cat is standing. Once you notice this, ensure the nails are properly trimmed. 

Better Appearance

Without a doubt, one can easily tell a pet that is regularly groomed from one that isn’t. This is because pets that are groomed look better and healthier. Some even become happier and more energetic after a grooming session. 

Why Mobile Pet Grooming Services?

Mobile pet grooming services offer their grooming services on call. Unlike stationary salons, they are mobile and offer home services at the convenience of the pet owner. There are several benefits that come with using their services. They include: 

A person with a dog

Description automatically generated with low confidenceConvenience 

Having the groomer come over to your house to get your pet groomed is obviously much more convenient than heading over to their salon. In busy cities like Miami and New York, being stuck in traffic isn’t uncommon. A mobile pet groomer allows you some free time to yourself as they clean up your pet. If you live in Miami, running a quick search on your browser for Miami mobile groomers is a quick way to find some of the best groomers in the city. 

Better service

In traditional salons, several dogs are attended to at the same time and the groomer’s attention will most likely be divided. What this means is that your pet may not get the best service it can. But with in-home service, your dog or cat has the groomer’s full attention and gets the best care. 

Eliminate Anxiety

Many pets suffer anxiety each time they are taken to a groomer’s salon. This experience is uncomfortable and unpleasant and may affect the pet’s mental health. However, anxiety is reduced or eliminated when the pet is groomed in your home, a place they are familiar with. 

Special Attention for Older Pets

Older pets require extra care and attention when being groomed. In a traditional salon, this may be overlooked as there are usually other pets waiting in line to be attended to. With a mobile grooming service, the job is done in a more relaxed environment where the groomer can specially attend to your pet. 

Final Thoughts

Before you choose a particular groomer, ensure you carefully research about them. You can check their website for reviews from other clients to get an idea of how well they treat pets. You may also want to look into how well they keep to appointments since the whole idea of hiring their service in the first place is for convenience. 

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