Petition: Require Pet Food Manufacturers to Disclose Quality of Ingredients

By on September 9, 2015

An interesting petition is circulating the web about pet food and what’s required of producers. Currently, pet food must list ingredients on the bag, but the “quality” of the food isn’t required. is a place where concerned citizens can organize petitions and gain signatures to raise their collective voices and promote change. Susan Thixton has started a petition there to have “the FDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) require all pet food manufacturers to disclose the quality of ingredients used in their pet food” because “pet owners deserve to know what goes into their pets’ food.”

Thixton cites her pet’s death and “mystery ingredients” in pet foods as the cause of her concern. There are different grades of food — “feed” grade and “animal” grade are low in quality, especially in comparison to “human” grade– and she wants the FDA and AAFCO to discuss whether food producers should be required to list the grades on products.

The petition needs only about 7,000 more signatures (it has over 65,000 already) to reach its goal. Thixton’s goal is to have the AAFCO and FDA discuss the change in an effort to promote better quality foods and more transparency.

Take a look at the petition here.


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