Reviews of the Best Type of Bird Feeder for a Finch

By on October 20, 2019

If you are like us (and our pets), you love to sit and watch the birds in the backyard. In Nebraska, many kinds of finches frequent our feeders, so it’s nice to know which to place in view. Take a look below to see if you can bring more birds to your homestead!

Birds are one of the most interesting animals in the animal kingdom. They are vertebrates (animals with the spinal cord) who have adapted for flight and together with insects and the bat; they are the only animals that have the ability to fly; although some types do not have strong enough wings to be able to fly. They can also walk, jump, swim, and dive. Some species of fowls can even mimic human speech and they are the only species of animals that have feathers. These animals can be found all over the world in any habitat. To know more about the species, you can click here.

There are people who have an extreme love for birds. Just watching them flick from branch to branch and listening to them sing is therapy for them. You can’t really blame them since these animals, doing what they do, are nature’s wonderful work. The sound that they make is music to everyone’s ear. Some people love to watch these animals so much to the extent that they put up bird feeders in their properties.

What are bird feeders? These are devices used to supply fowls with their food and water. They are normally placed outdoors for bird watching while others put them up to attract them and add a natural vibe to their properties. Not only do they bring you closer to nature, but they can also help sustain the animal’s populations. By adding birdhouses to your properties we are providing nourishment for wild fowls. To know more about feeders, visit this link:

Finches are the most common kind of birds that people want to attract. They are songbirds that easily get attracted to seeds, particularly sunflower seeds. They can be small to medium-sized birds with stout conical bills suited for eating seeds. Finches can be found virtually anywhere since they occupy a considerable range of habitats where they are normally permanent residents.

In choosing a feeding apparatus, it is important to take into account the best-suited kind for the specific fowl that you want to attract. If you are interested in inviting finches to your property, you can search for a listing of the best finch bird feeder reviews to know the best feeding apparatus for attracting finches. Here are some types of feeders you can choose from:

Hopper Feeders

These have a holding chamber that dispenses seeds at the base through openings. Finches can use the base as a seat while they are eating seeds. Normally, hoppers are made of wood but metal versions have been made to stop squirrels from gnawing them.

Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are seated on a pole or hanged from support. They have large ports where seeds are dispensed. There are perches where fowls can sit while they eat and trays are also attached to the bottom to catch the seeds that are falling.

Platform Feeders

Platform feeding apparatus can be made of wood or plastic. It has a center frame made of screening material to allow rainwater to drain because seeds dipped in water are unhealthy for fowls. Normally, this kind of device is hanged but there are also some that are adhered to windows via suction cups.

Ground Feeders

There are species that would rather feed on the ground. Ground feeding devices are basically platforms with legs. They preserve seeds by keeping them off the ground so they won’t be able to root. This type of devices keeps seed clean and dry.

Suet Feeders  

Suets feeding devices are cages made of wire. It is designed to hold suet cakes that are rich in protein. This means that this is attractive for species that eat insects. Finches are normally seed-eaters but sometimes they also eat insects. Squirrels also like suet cakes but the wire cages prevent them from getting some.

Thistle Feeders

These are also known as Nyjer and they are good for small species like finches. They are tubes usually made of plastic and they have small openings that dispense thistle (Niger seed).

Mesh Feeders 

Mesh feeding devices are wire cages that hold seeds. It is one of the most convenient types of the apparatus as fowls can nibble seeds all around the mesh at any angle they prefer. Mesh can keep the seeds fresh as it prevents moisture from gathering inside it. This is good for birds that like to cling.

Birds are beautiful creatures that anyone can enjoy. Putting up feeding devices is a good alternative to buying caged ones. These animals need to remain free so they can spread their wings and fly away.

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