Seattle veterinarians develop medicinal cannabis for ailing pets

By on December 9, 2013

From With more and more humans using medicinal marijuana for their ailments, some Seattle, Washington vets developed the idea of treating pets with the same care.

In a recent article, problems and benefits of medicinal cannabis for pets are highlighted. Here’s a bit of the text from the story; you can read the entire piece at this link.

“With so many people using medical marijuana to treat a variety of conditions, a lot of pet owners are trying pot on their own animals. And it’s causing plenty of problems.

‘If you get it right, it works, but the flip side is you can overdose them on it,’ says Seattle veterinarian Sarah Brandon. ‘It’s not lethal, but most animals don’t like to feel the high of the THC. They get paranoia, they have respiratory discomfort, just all of the things that would go along with, if you will, a human having a freak out.’

But with so many animals needing treatment for conditions like arthritis, pain, and nausea, Brandon and her husband were convinced they could isolate the positive properties of pot.

For the last five years, they’ve been experimenting with hemp, the parts of the Cannabis plant that contain virtually no THC but have many of the beneficial compounds.”

Medicinal marijuana is a sensitive and divisive issue, and its use on pets is so new that we at Pets In Omaha aren’t quite sure how to feel about it. If it helps animals with various chronic (sorry for the pun) issues, we suppose we’re in favor of its use, but it is also too early to tell how the whole thing will shape up. Comments can be left below- do you have an opinion on this? Let us know by writing us or tweeting us @PetsInOmaha.

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