Stolen puppy’s owner wants your help

By on October 12, 2014

***Update: at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 12, Jamie emailed our editorial manager and has the pup safe and sound at home. Thanks to all who read and shared!***

We aren’t typically in the business of posting “lost dog” flyers or searching the city for missing pets, but a reader sent us a call for help last night (Oct. 11) and we feel compelled to spread the word. Please read the statement below from the pet owner and SHARE this story. We’ll keep you updated on news as soon as we receive it. Thanks, Pets in Omaha readers!

“Our 8 month old puppy Mia’sophia was stolen from our home on Saturday Oct 11, 2014, at approximately 5 pm in the area of 40th and Grover St.  Mia is a Chineranian (Japanese chin/Pomeranian) who weighs approximately 6 lbs., is black and white with a rainbow color and a tattoo with the letter J and #13 on her belly. Mia is a very outgoing, loving, affectionate and happy little puppy who instantly loves anyone she meets.

We bought Mia in the hopes of helping my 9 year old daughter who has special needs and sensory issues. Mia has become my daughter’s best friend! Our family loves Mia unconditionally and is offering a $350 reward for her safe return home!! (NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!) If you see someone with a dog fitting this description and cannot explain how/where she came from, please contact Jamie immediately.” Jamie can be reached by calling 402.706. 8747 



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