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*Guests here* “Hey, your kids are beating doors like crazy. I hope everything is ok inside.”

*Finding hard to smile and suddenly start cold sweating due to embarrassment* “Actually, that’s my dog!”

” Oh my God. He is so wild. Why? He must be hungry or thirsty. Don’t you take proper care of him? That’s just so sad.”

All dogs’ owners keep on getting stuck in such scenarios. No doubt, taking care of your dog and growing old with him is like looking after a toddler no matter how many years pass by. Though you and your dog have done no dealing with each othe and embodied it in the form of a written contract, yet your baby (i.e. your dog) owns your salary as if he goes to work and you sit at home waiting anxiously for him to return. You leave no stone unturned to give him the best. However, often when guests arrive or you are busy he acts a bit silly. It is nothing but jealousy. All he wants is attention, love, and someone to play. Hence, we have made a list of technologies/gadgets to aid you in keeping your dog calm whenever you are busy next or guests arrive. They are:

Balls Shooter

 What can be the most favorite toy for a dog? Of course, a ball. Whenever he demands your attention, he brings his ball to you to throw it away so that he can find and bring it back to get a-good-boy-tap. That’s why to keep your dog busy while you are busy you need to get a balls shooter. Along with play-time, your dog is going to get done with his fitness and marathon session-of-the-day too via a balls-shooter. Here it is necessary to give you a tip that you must prioritize such balls shooter that shoots a ball 15 to 30 feet away.

Smart feeders

 Whether you are in the office or at your home busy doing work in your study room upstairs, one thought that keeps on bothering you is whether your dog has water in his water bowl and enough food or if he has thrown all food out of the bowl while playing. This thought is actually panic giving and within seconds takes away all your concentration on your ideas-in-your-mind. To fight this thought you need to bring in a smart gadget called smart feeder. These days in market two types of smart feeders are available namely automatic, which keeps of filling your dog’s bowl after every 30 minutes or any time fixed by you or controlled by you via your mobile application etc, and manual, which works as soon as your dog’s paws touch its button. Here the tip is to get automatic one as teaching your dog to click button can be very difficult for some of you.

Robot Vacuums

 Your dog is your family member. Your dog is your child. However, unfortunately, not every person has the heart to understand this bonding and love. It is a fact that not each and every person who is going to visit your home is going to be a pet lover, hence, he definitely can make faces and object if he finds any hair on your couch or sofa, etc. It can also happen that any guest of yours is actually allergic to pet hair. To avoid any embarrassment and for your guests’ ease, it is compulsory there must be the best robot vacuum for pet hair at your place. After all, even if we are extremely busy, we all desire 100% perfection everywhere in our house whenever anyone is to visit us. The tip about it is you must grab a robot vacuum that can be controlled via the mobile app also.

Pet Tracker

During workload, it is not easy to keep an eye on your little-paw-baby. But… Your workload or hectic routine must not become a reason or burden for your dog to reduce his naughtiness just because you cannot keep a check on him or supervise his activities. Limiting your dog’s activity often results in depression. None of you can bear to see your dog sad. To tackle that, firstly, you need to buy a cool collar for your dog and secondly, a tracker. How that is gonna work? Well, it is damn easy. You just need to attach a tracker to your dog’s collar. Now use a GPS system to keep tabs on location. If your dog is going to stray from your desired zone, a tracker is going to alert you with a notification on mobile, e-mail or text message. In the market, often such trackers are available that record also activity levels, which aids you in checking how much your dog is grown up and has learned to do exercise on his own.

So, what are you waiting for after going through this quick guide? Happy smart paw-(sho)pping!!!

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