The Benefits of All-Natural Dog Shampoo

By on December 14, 2019

Even if your dog needs a regular bath or has a particular medical condition, dog shampoos will help a lot. Usually, you use basic over-the-counter cleaning products to maintain the hygiene of your pet. But, have you used an all-natural shampoo to clean your beloved furry friend?

Like human hair and skin, your dog’s coat and skin react positively when utilizing a natural product. Using all natural dog shampoo promotes healthy fur and skin, while shampoos with chemical substances can cause dry, chapped, and itchy skin, as well as the lack of moisture and shine from hair.

Have you seen your pup scratching right after a bath? If so, then maybe you are using the wrong shampoo. Bathing your dog means you do not just want to wash the coat but also their skin. Thus, if the product you are using has poor quality, the skin can itch, causing illnesses and adverse reactions. That is why you must choose wisely.

Here are a few benefits that you will quickly notice while using an all-natural shampoo:

Good pH balance

An All-Natural dog shampoo has a pH level that is specially formulated for your dog’s sensitive skin (between 6.5 and 7.5). Your dog’s skin is almost neutral in pH and considerably more alkaline than human skin, so the product should be more pH balanced than shampoo for human hair. Acidic shampoos strip off the hair’s protective properties, extracting essential moisture from the fur and skin, which may lead to dry, flaky skin, and a dull coat.

Mild and moisturizing

An outstanding all-natural shampoo can create a protective layer against toxic or harmful chemicals. The natural oils secreted by the skin will also be retained and not flushed away by unsafe chemicals. Preferably, it must be soap-free since soap can dry the skin, eliminate essential skin oils, and leave it irritated.

Moisturizing ingredients also help the coat and skin to keep a healthy look and glow. Search for brands containing organic ingredients such as oatmeal and aloe vera, as recommended by veterinarians to safely counter skin damage, prevent infection, and re-moisturize delicate, dry skin.

Avoid irritation

For dog shampoos, you need them not only to clean your pet but also to make them feel beautiful and relaxed during and after bath time. Unfortunately, many products only satisfy the first condition. You may wash your pet’s fur thoroughly. However, potent ingredients inside the product can irritate and cause scratching and discomfort.

These substances include synthetic pigments, scents, and thickeners, to name a few. Many of which can irritate the delicate skin of your dog. If you go all-natural, you eliminate all these harmful chemicals in favor of naturally produced components, so there is less possibility that your pet will suffer potential irritation.


You can assume that organic products are expensive. However, it is not if you are looking at possible medical expenses and treatment you will need once your dog gets sick due to various hazardous ingredients found in shampoos you have been using. Low-quality products may have severe consequences for your furry friend. Stay out of distress and invest in effective animal care brands.

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The perks of using an All-Natural dog shampoo also apply to environmental health, as environmentally friendly components replace harmful synthetic chemicals that contaminate sewage systems, poison animals and microorganisms, and negatively affect the ecosystem.

Organic shampoos dissolve into non-toxic elements that do not harm the environment or cause damage to wildlife. Most natural products for pets are eco-friendly, with ingredients coming from fully economically sustainable sources.

High-quality natural dog shampoo can keep your pet away from many health concerns. Fact check before deciding the shampoo you will use for your dog and take all precautions to keep your pup fit and healthy. And remember, always consult with your vet.

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