The most important thing you can do for shelter animals right now

By on March 26, 2020

Imagine this scenario: Omaha or Nebraska or the U.S. mandates that everyone stay home while COVID-19 reaches its peak.

That presents a bunch of challenges for everyone for nearly every reason. Because we want to stop to virus from spreading, we keep people home to save lives. There are two sides to every coin, however. If people can’t leave home, they surely can’t go to the shelter to adopt an animal.

The problem of that scenario is dire for any displaced animal. It’s especially dire for animals who live in or will live in a shelter like the Nebraska Humane Society because it is also charged with the area’s animal control.

The Humane Society is preparing as if there will be a stay-home mandate and for all implications that carries with it. From a recent KMTV interview, here’s Pam Wiese of the shelter: “If that occurs, and we see kind of a city-wide shutdown, we will probably have to stop adoptions… If we do that, that’s going to create an issue for us, because we’re continuing to get animals in.”

That issue is not something anyone wants to see. The solution (or at least something that will help the shelter should the city close down) is to either adopt out animals or have them placed in foster homes. Not enough animals are being adopted and not enough foster homes are available. Adopting and fostering will save animal lives.

Wiese said in the previously cited interview that now is a great opportunity in that families thinking about a pet could get one at this perfect time. They’ll have a quarantine buddy and the shelter will have an open kennel. Also, folks thinking about fostering should step up to the plate now.

Currently, dogs older than six months old are only $50. Cats are less and may be two-for-one. Not that price should impact your decision, but there are promotions happening to entice even more.

If you’re interested in adoptable animals from the shelter click here. Remember all the other rescues and shelters in the area, too. Many of them are listed in the menu on our homepage under Pet Community.

Interested in fostering at the Nebraska Humane Society? Click here.

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