The reason kids with pets are better than the rest

By on October 20, 2021

Are pets psychologically linked to a child’s well-being? The answer is yes. Professionals, who also can revise essay online, shall go through the reason why pets are great for kids. Several findings are not accurate, but most of the authors agreed on one point; a child with a pet has higher esteem, good social skills, and cognitive development.

Do pets affect a child’s development positively?

Why is living with a pet better? There are several possible suggestions by different authors. These may include; social support companion, improvement of communication skills, and reduction of stress. Results might be controversial as an updated study disagrees with the information above. 

The research appeared in September 2017 and was carried out by statisticians of RAND corporation. Every member of the group had a pet while growing up and have analyzed the positive effects on the development of a child.  Several survey and telephone interviews have been conducted on random people, for example, adolescent parents with kids of 11years and below and adults.

The research involved responses from homesteads with children of 5 to 11 years. Parents and guardians had to state the mental and physical health of their children. Five thousand one hundred ninety-one children were studied; 2,236 had cats or dogs while 2,955 had no pets.

Kids who own pets are better off 

  Parents reported that children raised with pets:

  • Are healthier 
  • Are more obedient 
  • Are physically attractive 
  • Are less moody 
  • They have few or no behavior issues
  • Have fewer studying problems

Alternatively, hyperactivity or a disorder named attention deficit is one of the diagnoses of kids with pets. We can hence simply say that kids require pets. However, some research might be contradictory.

Social class and pet ownership

The homes with pets and those without pets showed an enormous difference other than the animals. Some of them include:

  • Not likely that they had free lunchtime programs
  • not likely to have families that move around
  • their parents are likely to speak English 
  • not likely to be African American or Asian 
  • parents were born in united states 
  • not likely that they were in an apartment
  • likely the parents are in better health 

   Families with pets have stable socioeconomic factors and are wealthier. Should we conclude that these advantages are due to the relationship of having a pet and their good health not leaving out children’s well-being? 

RAND researchers answered that question as they conducted a sophisticated statistical technique. The method was used to examine effects that never changed even after adjusting social, economic, and demographic differences between the two households. It can be explained in simple terms:

The difference between children who own pets and those who don’t does appear when factors like race, parental health, wealth, and homeownership are considered. 

The analysis clarifies that children with pets may be better off not because of their companion animals but because they are wealthier.

When the research is getting personal

Children these days require to have a pet that they can play with and enjoy time with. Therefore if you are a parent with a child, we highly advise you to get them a pet; however, on getting the pet, there are some factors that you are going to have to consider. That is:

–         Building a good living place for the pet. It can be a simple cage for a dog or a small cat house for a cat pet.

–         You should be tolerant to the pet. I mean you will be living together, so it would be best to be friends with the pet.

There are varying pets that you can get your child. They range from dogs to cats and even fish. Each pet has its advantages and why you should get it. You should, however, obviously ensure that the pet does not cause any inconvenience. Some children tend to be allergic to cats and dogs. You should hence ensure that the pets are suitable for your kids before you get them. 

We could not gather information as to how long a pet should live in a household. However, the pet has a significant impact during the time it spends in a home. For instance, it can teach children how to be compassionate and kind. At the end of the day, you will find your child loving nature, animals, and even humans more. They also tend to be more jovial, which is incredibly good for their health. 

Pets are incredible and have a major effect on the life of a child. It has the potential to alter a child’s character and create a kind and compassionate one. 


We may agree that we all thought that children who owned pets were likely to be better off. On the other hand, this article shows that we have been interpreting the “better off” wrongly. They are better of due to the wealth and prosperity but not having companion animals.

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