The Science of Cute: Why Do We Love Adorable Puppies?

By on December 20, 2019

Cuteness may seem self-explanatory, but why is it exactly that people love adorable puppies and kittens so much? Find out the reasons now.

38% of homeowners own a dog. We consider dogs as “man’s best friend” for a reason. They’re loyal, offer us unconditional love, and want nothing more than to make us happy. That, and they’re absolutely adorable!

But what makes dogs so irresistible? Is it their wet noses, their sloppy kisses, their floppy ears, or their wagging tails? Or maybe it’s their mannerisms, such as tilting their head, their little snores, and the zoomies?

Here is the science of why we love adorable puppies and floofy dogs.

They Remind Us of Babies

Sure, every pet owner and parent will say dogs are nothing like babies. Or are they?

One of the many reasons why we’re weak about dogs is they remind us of our own little humans. Even though a floofy dog looks nothing like an infant, they have similar personalities and dispositions.

Dogs possess similar qualities as babies:

  • Youth
  • Harmlessness
  • Vulnerability
  • Need

All of these qualities trigger the warm feelings that make us whip out the baby voice and say “aww!”

And the best part? Dogs never grow out of these traits — unlike humans. So Fido will be your little baby forever.

Dogs Do Have Similar Physical Features As Babies

Sure, anyone can tell the difference between tiny humans and a dog. But there are some general physical features that dogs have as babies.

These include:

  • Big eyes
  • A bigger head than the rest of their body
  • Floppy limbs
  • Round ears
  • Soft body
  • Rounded shape

French bulldogs are the perfect example. They’re a popular dog breed and many Frenchie owners can’t resist their cuteness. They have all of the qualities of a baby: their big head, round eyes, and soft bodies.

We Bred Dogs to Be Cute

Dogs are also a product of evolution: an evolution we humans caused. Dog’s oldest ancestors are wolves. We don’t know much information about the early domestication of wolves.

Sometime in our history, humans started keeping dogs at pets. From there, we bred modern dog breeds to become human’s best companion.

In short, dogs became cuter throughout history. Dogs started relying on us for survival. In order to care for them, they became the adorable furballs we know them today.

We Love Dogs!

In short, dogs are so cute because we love them.

We shared a bond with dogs that dates as far back as the prehistoric days. Today, there are many breeds as well as the lovable mutts. We think dogs are precious — from their earliest puppy days to their senior years.

Dogs evolved to rely on us. We see them as our very own babies. This emotional connection can be the defining reason for a dog’s cuteness, as if it was a human infant.

Why Do We Love Adorable Puppies?

We all know we can’t resist adorable puppies But why are puppies so adorable? The secret comes down to their relevance to babies and our strong bond with them.

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