Things to Consider in Finding a Cat Resort

By on May 7, 2019

Most of us would wish to be able to take our cat everywhere and explore the world with them, sadly, that may not always be an option. When you’re travelling, moving, doing renovations, or changing jobs, taking your cat with you sometimes isn’t the best option. Cats don’t like sitting in a cage in a dark place for long durations then wake up in an unfamiliar place, they may enjoy it in a carton box at home, but they would hate the pressure, noise, and confined space if they feel like they’re forced in a box. Luckily, there are a lot of cat resorts that can take care of your cat for the time that you’re going to be away.


We’ll be giving you the best tips so you could rest assured knowing that your cat is in a safe and secure place doing something that it loves, which is probably napping.

Planning Ahead

Choosing a cat resort, kennel, or any pet boarding service is something that you should do as early as possible once you decide that you can’t take your cat with you. You need to ask your friends and cat owners about their reviews and recommendations for pet resorts, you can also ask pet shelters and rescue groups because they are always networking with reputable cat boarding facilities that provide luxurious options for your feline friend. You should always pay a visit to the place you’re thinking about leaving your cat in, and ask some questions, you’ll want to take your time to ensure that you can trust the place you’re leaving your feline pet in.

Health and Vaccinations

Any reputable pet boarding services need your pet to have some vaccinations, since a lot of diseases can easily pass from a pet to another. Cat-only kennels require your pet to have taken FVRCP, rabies, and feline leukemia vaccine shots. This is very important for you and your cat’s health, whether the disease is airborne or requires close proximity, it can never be too safe to get your cat vaccinated. The more vaccinations a boarding facility requires, the safer it’s for your cat; be wary if the facility doesn’t ask you to show proof of vaccination.

Ventilation and Playrooms

During your tour of any boarding facility of your choice, check the ventilation and ask questions about it, a constant clean air supply should always be there for the pets. Bad ventilation can lead them to being anxious and facilitate the spread of diseases and bad odor. Most cat-only boarding facilities have playrooms; furnished with all types of cat-attractive toys, posts for scratching, and clean furniture. These playrooms are for more than one cat, so some attentive staff members should always be on the lookout to provide care and security in any situation.

Keeping Your Cat Happy

You didn’t take your cat with you on your journey, so you should try to make up for it by placing them in a resort where they will enjoy their stay and won’t be lonely. Try your best to look for kennels and resorts that are for cats only, so your cat wouldn’t be annoyed by strange smells and noises from other types of pets. Once you have your cat back from the resort, shower it with affection.


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