Things to Know Before Getting an Indoor Dog Breed

By on March 4, 2021

Choosing an indoor dog can be a task, especially if it’s your first one. Is it too big or too small, is the right breed, and many other questions pop up in your mind even before you step out to buy. Here are 8 things brought to you by that you should know before getting an indoor dog

Make sure you can handle the expenses 

Dogs require a lot of care, and that can add up to quite an expense. Expenses such as bedding, a collar and harness, visits to the vet high-quality dog food, treats, toys, grooming. According to ASPCA, the annual cost of taking care of an indoor dog is somewhere around 500-700 USD. And this is without factoring in the emergency vet visits, which can cost quite a bit. 

Get your dog neutered 

According to research, 6 – 8 million animals are left at animal shelters in the US alone, every year. And half of them are killed just because there aren’t enough homes for them. Putting a stop at the source and making sure there are no more unwanted puppies is the only way out. 

Identification tag and a microchip 

You don’t want to lose your best friend just because of an accident. Dogs run away or get lost all the time. And unlike us, they can’t ask for help or directions. Getting them a collar with an identification tag and a phone number makes sure they are safe. Or another way out is getting a microchip from the vet. It’s a simple procedure that you can get done by the vet. 

The food

You need to take care of the grocery list by omitting some stuff that might be poisonous to the dog. Chocolate tops the list. Other than that onions, grapes and even raisins can be harmful to the dog. Other than that, you’ll need to feed your dog some high-quality food and treats so that they don’t get overweight. Obesity can be a real issue with dogs, as it can cause some major problems and makes them very uncomfortable. Along with that make sure to get the right bowl for your dog.

The toys 

Your dog is very similar to your kid. Kids gotta eat, so do dogs. Kids gotta play, and so do dogs. Leave out plenty of chew toys for the dog and also make sure they stay away from anything that seems like a toy but is dangerous. It can be very dangerous for the dog if they come in contact with chemicals and sharp objects. So make sure all that stuff is out of their sight. 


It seems a bit unnecessary because your indoor dogs will run around most of the time. But it kind of slips out of your mind and it’s not good for the dog. Make sure you are taking them on at least one long walk every day. Dogs love games like fetch, so it won’t cause any harm to play that every once in a while. They need plenty of fresh air and exercise. So make sure they get some time to release their dog energy. Statistically, 60 minutes of aerobic exercise is great for your dog’s health. 


You need to start training your dog as soon as you bring in home. Set some rules and boundaries, and reward them positively. Dogs tend to repeat good behaviour if they are praised for it before. You have to teach them everything from scratch because they can’t possibly know how you want them to behave. 

Never leave them in the car 

If you take your dog to a fun family-time outside, make sure to get it back in the house. The temperature in closed cars shoots up very quickly. And it can be pretty dangerous for it. 

Final Words

Getting an indoor dog can be a task. There’s a lot you need to know about the dog and how to care for it before actually going to get one. After having the right guidance, getting an indoor dog becomes quite easier. 

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