Tick season is here- tips to keep them off yourself and your pups

By on May 3, 2021

Peak tick season in Nebraska is typically mid-May, but with spring temps staying above freezing earlier than normal, we can move the timeline up a bit. Now is the time to start being on the lookout for ticks that look to you and pets for lunch.

We’ve got a variety of ticks (take a look at this app to help identify them) and each can transmit disease. Lyme disease is the most-known, but you and your pups can fall victim to others. Here are some tips that will help you avoid them AND some advice for when they find their way to you.

  • Ticks are more prevalent in areas with thicker vegetation, woods, etc. Stay on the path and keep pets close!
  • Use safe preventative meds for you animals.
  • Insect repellent for you is a must when travelling off the beaten path.
  • Complete tick checks once you’re done outside. Here is a helpful resource to help your checks.
  • If you spot a tick, get it off ASAP! If it is embedded, use sharp tweezers to pull it straight off. Start removal as close to the skin as possible and wash when done.
  • If you suspect you’ve become sick, see your doctor. Common symptoms include a rash, headaches, and fever.

Need meds for your pup? Take the advice of your trusted pet experts! Looking to do a little research? Take a look at these resources:

Natural tick prevention is a nice place to start. The Farmer’s Almanac has tips here.

There are oral and topical treatments available for your pets. Here is a list of the most effective meds published this year.

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