Tips for First-Time Dog Parents

By on November 1, 2019

Albuquerque is a vibrant city in the heart of New Mexico. With metropolitan lights that shine amid silhouettes of the Sandia Mountains and the serenity of the Rio Grande, it’s no wonder that the city is the 32nd most populous in the United States. And no human population is complete without their most loyal companions – dogs.

Most people have dreamt of a puppy at one point in their lives. But it takes a lot of responsibility to be a dog parent. From routine veterinary check-ups to everyday care and dog training in Albuquerque, you need a big heart, finances, and a lot of accountability to ensure that your furry friend is always happy.

Many of Albuquerque’s residents have taken on that challenge. New Mexico ranks 2nd highest in dog ownership, with over 65% of households owning a pet dog. Regardless of whether you purchase or adopt a dog from a shelter or make friends with a homeless one, your new companion deserves all the love and support to adjust to their new environment. To help you, here are some golden tips for first-time dog parents.

Positive Training Equals A Smart and Happy Pupper

A new member of the family is always a cause for celebration, especially if it’s a dog. You may have planned many things, such as training your puppy, feeding them homemade food, and taking them on walks in the park. However, not all plans come into fruition, especially when you’re an inexperienced dog parent with a stubborn little puppy.

You will very quickly realize that taking care of a pet takes a considerable amount of patience and training. From learning how to potty in the right place to taming aggressive behavior and gaining a competitive skillset, there are many things your new dog needs to learn to feel comfortable in their new home and develop a stronger sense of loyalty.

There are things you can start teaching your dog from the get-go. However, you may find that professional trainers offer a quicker and more effective solution so that your dog can go from a misbehaving puppy to a brilliant angel. Regardless of size, age, and shape, there are places that help with dog training in Albuquerque and can cater to just about anyone.

There are private and group classes in Albuquerque that you can choose depending on your companion’s temperament. Trainers will assess your dog and train according to your goals and timeframe. Puppies will learn faster, but that does not mean that older dogs are untrainable. You will be surprised to see how behavior can change very quickly with positive reinforcement and a lot of love.

The Main Ingredient for The Best Treat Is Love

It’s okay to spoil your new dog. The best canines, after all, deserve things as good as them. Therefore, it’s wise to be picky about what you feed your dogs. Make it a habit to check labels, determine what they like and do not like, and be aware of the signs of allergies. Pre-packed foods are getting better in quality, but if you have an oven and some time over the weekend, then you might enjoy DIY-ing some treats!

A secret dog-friendly delicacy is peanut butter. Combined with other ingredients that you probably have at home, you can make some seriously adorable and tasty treats. Check out this yummy recipe that will get your dog in a mouth-watering frenzy. And do not forget the bone-shaped cookie cutters for an extra sprinkle of fun.

Dog treats are great tools to help you train your pup. Professional trainers in Albuquerque use them all the time, as they serve as amazing rewards for when your dog does something good. If you give them a treat every time, they listen to what you say or do something to change a bad habit, then they will become positively motivated to continue doing desirable behavior.

A Healthy Pup Is a Happy Pup 

Never, ever skip on routine veterinary check-ups. You need to take your puppy to the vet monthly. Meanwhile, middle-aged dogs can go annually, and senior dogs can go semi-annually or as required. Physical wellness exams are essential because the vet can take a good look at your furry friend and determine whether they suffer from anything.

Some diseases or conditions can cause a shift in behavior, so if you notice that your dog is suddenly aggressive, rude, or unenergetic despite regular training, then a vet in Albuquerque might be able to look into it further. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with your most loyal companion.

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