Tips to Keeping Your Dog Safe from Crime

By on July 16, 2022

Dogs are like our family members who we would never want to lose. Unfortunately, they cannot communicate the way humans do, which gives you more reasons why you should do everything to keep them safe. Once they get lost, it is tough for them to track back to their home, as they are naïve and pure-hearted souls. If you lose your dog, nothing can break your heart that bad hence here are a few tips to keep your dog safe.

1. Do Not Leave the Dog Unsupervised:

Your home is meant to be the pet heaven for your dog, but unfortunately, it can also be a thief hunting ground. When you let the dog loose in the garden, your dog will have a lot of fun. But instead of leaving the dog alone and unsupervised, always keep a watch, especially if it is your front garden where anyone can enter and grab the dog. It is better to install tall fences with no gaps for outsiders to look into the garden and also a locked gate that cannot be opened from the outside. You can further fit a bell to the gate that rings when someone enters or leave the garden. It is safer to let the dog play in an enclosed backyard that has private access from your home. If you need to go nearby, ask your neighbor to watch the dog while you are gone or lock the dog inside the house safely before you leave. When doing so, you can find different ways to engage the dog by using ideas from Trending Breeds so that they do not get anxious about you leaving them.

2. Take Precautions While Walking the Dog:

When you walk your dog, your dog can get targeted, especially if they are a fashionable or designer breed. Thankfully, you can take a few precautions to make sure it is not so easy for them to steal your dog. Get a theftproof dog collar and lead, which makes it tough for the dog to be snatched from your hand. These are made using cut-proof materials that stop thieves from stealing your pet with the help of scissors or knives.

3. Understand What You Should Put on the Dog Tag:

The first thing that comes to mind while making a dog tag is putting the dog’s name there. Well, if someone with not-so-good intentions gets in touch with the dog, they can use the name to lure it away, especially if they offer a pocket full of treats. There are a few rules of what you should and should not mention on the dog collar. You can add a message such as ‘I am micro-chipped along with your cell no. for the finder to contact you.

4. Don’t Tag the Location of Your Pet on Social Media:

It is common that you would love to click pics with your furry friend and post it on social media to let the world know you are in fur heaven. But things like tagging a live location and images of the dog could actually lead thieves to this location in an attempt to take the dog from you. Hence, make use of social media carefully.

5. Get Your Pet Fixed:

You do not want your pet to end up in an illegal breeding facility, which can easily happen if you are not careful. Getting your pet fixed means eliminating this option altogether and reducing the risk of your pet being snatched for breeding reasons as per the Breeder Best.

6. Change Your Walk Route:

If you take the same walk route daily, you should change that immediately. Mixing up walking paths will make it less predictable for thieves who are observing your movement to know where your dog is going at a particular time. Changing the walk route is also beneficial to your dog because it gets to smell different scents. Walking the dog on a familiar road is easier because they will be distracted less, but changing a few routes will stimulate them mentally.

7. Install a Pet Camera:

Technology is known to make our lives easier, and it is possible to remotely keep an eye on your dog. You can install a camera with a two-way audio feature to constantly check on your dog in your absence, and it also helps you give certain commands while you are away so that it stays safe. If you leave your pet outdoors frequently, you can install a camera there, which also records continuously so that you can rewind back to check if any suspicious activity happened that you missed.

8. Microchips and GPS Trackers:

If the worst scenario happens that your dog wanders off or it is stolen, a GPS tracker can help you track the dog easily. Using the app, you can locate your pet’s location and ensure if it is really lost or hiding somewhere. Even when you contact your local authorities, they will have some lead to help them find your stolen pet.

9. Hire a Walker Carefully:

Many people find it tough to take the time to walk their dogs. It makes more sense to hire a dog walker, but when you employ a walker, you need to find a person who can be trusted. They should be able to handle your dog as well, especially if it is a large breed dog. Ensure that your dog is walk trained so that it does not try to pull on the leash much. Large dogs can easily pull the harness so hard that the leash might slip off the hands of the walker. Hence, supervise the walker the first few times to ensure the walker can handle your dog well. You also need to keep an eye on your dog. If the dog is excited to see the walker, you have nothing to worry about, but if your dog is scared, dig a bit deeper to understand if the walker is abusing the dog.

We hope these tips will help you keep your furry best friend safe and always with you.

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