Top 10 Dog Paw Care Tips

By on October 26, 2021

If you are concerned about the well-being of your dog then you must not neglect the fact that paw care is also an essential part of good health. The paws are a prominent and important part of the body that carries the weight of the entire body. As well as help perform everyday activities. Thus, as a dog owner taking special care of paws and keeping a regular check on the health is important. 

While maintaining the paws a prominent factor to consider is to keep a check on your pet’s nail. Taking your dog for grooming regularly is important but you can also trim your dog’s nails at home easily. For this using a nail grinder is a feasible option. Talking about the benefits of using a grinder at home, the most prominent is that you can easily trim your dog’s nails without any trouble. 

It is safe and efficient to use for trimming your dog’s nails without any hassle. Besides nail care and trimming some other tips that can help you take care of your dog’s paws and to keep your dog in good health are: 

  1. Pedicures are Must

Regular pedicures help the paws stay clean and healthy. It includes nail trimming, cleaning, and washing. Make sure the nails are not touching the ground when your pet walks, it is a clear sign that your dog needs nail trimming. Visit a vet or try trimming the nails at home carefully. 

  1. Trim Off the Excessive Hair

If you own a fluffy dog with a thick hair coat then you must also consider trimming the paw hair regularly. Hair brushing and trimming is essential as it prevents matting and tangling. So, trimming and brushing the paw hair will also be beneficial. 

  1. Clean Thoroughly

Thorough cleaning is an important step especially when your dog comes back home from outside. It is a good practice against the prevention of germs and other debris. Proper cleaning will also keep your dog safe from various diseases. 

  1. Do not Neglect Moisturization

Your pet’s body also needs proper moisture for healthy skin, and to stay fresh. Consult your vet and use the best moisturizing cream for the paws. As well as Vitamin E oils or creams are best and safe to use. 

  1. Be Gentle Whenever Trying a New Exercise with your Dog

Most of the time when you try a new activity or exercise with your dog, which includes a lot of footwork can become a reason for sores or blisters. If you experience any of these symptoms consult a vet and take proper medication.  

  1. Always Keep a First Aid Kit for Emergency 

A first aid kit is an essential, which one should always keep at home in case of emergency. In any case, if your dog gets a cut or an injury then you must immediately provide him protection before taking it to a professional. So, keeping a first aid box at home all the time will be helpful. 

  1. Always Prepare for Changing Weather 

Changing weather can be challenging for your pet, not just for health but it can also cause some skin issues. On hot summer days when your dog goes out for a walk, the warm pavement or the paths can cause sores on the paws. In such a case you should immediately consult a vet.

Similarly, the winter season can cause cracking in the skin due to extreme dryness. In this case, using a crack cream is a good option.  

  1. Check Regularly for Allergies

Whenever your dog goes for a walk, it is very common that he can pick up debris or stones along with his paws. In some cases, it can cause certain allergies, which leads to poor health. To prevent this, focus on deep cleaning the paws every time your dog comes back from a trip. 

  1. Consult a Vet if Your Dog Lick its Paws Intensely 

Paw licking is common in pets and it is a prominent step of self-grooming. But if your dog licks his paws intensely and too often then it is an alarming sign. You must immediately consult a vet and get your dog checked to make sure everything is normal. 

  1. Take the Necessary Preventions

Besides following all the tips for good health and proper maintenance it is also important to take necessary preventions. Prevention can save from a serious health issue. So, always try to follow what works best for your dog. 


Paw care is an important step in grooming and keeping your pet in good health. A little negligence can lead to severe health problems. Being a pet owner, keep a regular check on the good health of paws, as well as examine once a week. Also, the tips mentioned above will make it a lot easier to take care of your dog effectively at home. 

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