Top New Year’s resolutions from pet owners

By on January 26, 2014

Nearly all of us, whether officially stating them or not, make resolutions to improve our well being during the New Year. Recently, we found a list of the top 5 resolutions that pet owners have regarding their pets for 2014. This is a great story as folks are putting their pets at the front of the line when it comes to thinking about how to make a positive impact on their lives in the new year.

The list comes from the Columbia Star in Columbia, South Carolina. Read the entire article here or look below for the list.

1. Take pets on more walks. Our pets love to take a stroll around the block and likely would want to go out a bit more often. Pet owners surely understand this and, moreover, have resolved to make more time for walks. We can get strapped for time, but a leisurely walk with your pet can benefit both you and your pet.

2. Bond with pets more. This seems like an oversimplification or even a cop-out, but it rings true with us. Whether it is just petting your dog more, playing with your kitty or spending time at pet-friendly events this year, take some extra time and show your pets some more love. It definitely can’t hurt anything!

3. Trim nails and brush teeth. We especially like this resolution. Humans remember to brush their teeth, bathe and clip their nails, but often, we forget that these little things aren’t so little for our animals. Teeth cleaning and regular clippings of nails are sometimes forgotten, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. We’re glad pet owners realize the significance of routine care and are resolving to make a bigger effort.

4. Insert training in your pet’s regimen. Training is good for you and the lifestyle you want to lead, but it can also be beneficial for your pet. Local shelters and humane societies often hold classes on training pets- even the most novice of critters. Train your pet to behave and both of your lives will improve!

5. Eat healthier. This one seems old hat, but it is important for your pets, too. We constantly worry about our figures, caloric intake, and self-image. Fixing those things starts with exercise and diet. Your pets need to stay at a healthy weight, just like you do, so helping them eat healthier is an obvious place to start in getting your animals on the right nutritional and wellness track.

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