Top Picks for Your Bark Babies: How to Decorate Effectively!

By on June 19, 2019

You’ve quite recently gotten a pup or possibly you’re considering sprucing up your living space. What’s the ideal approach to sort out your valuable puppy’s territory to look delightful and be useful?

I know all the pup moms can get overwhelmed as pups are precious to them-but you need to start somewhere right? Don’t be scared to chalk out an approach that fits you the best!

To get started, you need to know the answers to the following questions-

  • How much space do you have to work with?
  • How big is my dog/puppy?
  • What are the essentials?

If you know the answers to those questions, peruse on for helpful hints and incredible items on the best way to plan a space for your canine!

I will be listing the very essentials here to get you started!

Choosing the Best Spot:

I’d pick a spot that is generally peaceful. Depending on the breed’s nature, you can decide to move it around as well.

Get innovative with the space you have. A few homes have doggy caves like under the staircase or a shelf in the laundry room.

You Pooch’s Own Room

In case you’re devoting a whole room, I would pick a cozy spot far from the window, perhaps in a corner. Mutts like to have a sense of security so having their very own space to run away to when they have to rest, unwind or even play- would be perfect.

The Crate

In case you are debating buying a crate, you should know that dogs like be in a den and crates are designed accordingly. BUT, you must understand the comfort zone of your dog.

You should buy large dog crates for large dogs and small ones for small breeds as an adjustment to the crate depends mostly on the size. You should buy crate covers to keep your pup safe and comfortable.

Try to get covers that are machine launderable and utilize rich, delicate components.

Pup Beds

Canine Beds, otherwise known as little dog hugger are a must! A C-Shape bed is one of my favorites. Why? They are simple for my little pooches to get in and out of.

It has that comfortable guard like the bagel beds, and the whole bed is machine launderable. I simply toss it in and it never loses its shape.

Pooch Bowls

Studies show that glass is the most secure and most beneficial alternative for canine feeders. It doesn’t pull in microscopic organisms if kept clean; it won’t drain anything into the nourishment or water- unlike certain plastics and metals, and it is dishwasher safe.

Toy Chest

You can renovate your children’s toy closet or browse to find creative ideas for a closet for your pup. Picking a theme is always fun! Proper storage for all the pup accessories like dog belts chew toys, collars, bowls, etc can make your dog feel comfortable.


We’ve secured boxes, beds, bowls, and toy chests. What’s left for your pup’s room? The toys, of course! There are such a significant number of decisions of toys today, that it can be overwhelming.

The best decision I would say is to let your pup choose the toy they want to play with as they’re the best at selecting the toys they adore.

Some Extras!

If you have set your pup up with a closet, you might want to get one of the superb armoires available to keep his or her clothing combined and perfect. Try to purchase shelves that incorporate a spot to stack caps, handkerchiefs or different extras.

Another adorable thought is to show your canine’s apparel on a rack, as at a photo shoot. Here, the thought is to sort out it to be outwardly engaging, by shading, type, something fun.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to check anything you buy to check for allergies. Some breeds are very sensitive and eating from the wrong bowl can bring devastating results.

Make sure you are setting up an environment that is SAFE before overwhelming it with trinkets.

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