Update: Hugo on the move

By on July 31, 2015

Earlier this week, we told you about Tom Millie’s dog, Hugo, who was struck by a car and needed a little help. If you missed the story, read it here. 

Hugo was been on the mend over the past few days and we were tickled to see Hugo “driving” around in a video Tom has shared with us. You can see Hugo’s new wheels here.

Also, Tom has provided us with an update. From Hugo’s dad:

I had been lead to believe by the vet and clinic that originally treated Hugo that he indeed did have deep pain. I was hopeful.

When Hugo went to Backlund Animal Hospital and had an all day evaluation with Dr. Michele, she assured me that he did not have the deep pain and that we only had a 20% chance or less of Hugo regaining his back legs.

We also learned that he was in more pain than we had thought, and that his bladder was not functioning the way it should.  As of now, his bladder needs to be expressed, at least four times daily as it is painful for him to have so much held in.  The first time they expressed he had two cups of urine.

Poor fella. On Wednesday Hugo had his first two rounds of acupuncture and today he has another two.  Dr. Michelle said after four treatments, we should have an idea of how he is doing. Dr. Backlund informed me of a new training cart called the Kerdog.  It’s a cart that put’s the back legs  in pedals and the front legs propel the pedals and train the back legs and also exercise them.  We are hopeful that this helps.


Keep Hugo and Tom in your thoughts. Go Hugo go.

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