Urgent Message from PETA

By on November 20, 2019

It’s cold here, if you weren’t aware. Rather than just telling you that or having your pups find out the hard way, we’re sharing some data we received in a press release from PETA this week. See it below.

Omaha, Neb. – As low temperatures affect the Omaha area, animals––who can suffer from deadly frostbite and exposure, become dehydrated when water sources ice over, and die––are at risk. Last winter, there were at least 29 cold weather–related animal deaths—and these are just the ones that were reported. Most are not.

Anyone who leaves animals outside 24/7 to suffer in severe weather may be prosecuted.

  • Keep animals indoors. Freezing temperatures spell extra hardship for “backyard dogs,” who often go without adequate food, water, shelter, or veterinary care. If you see animals left outside without shelter from the elements and are unable to help, note their location and alert authorities immediately. (For information regarding what constitutes adequate shelter, click here.)
  • Always use a secure harness when taking dogs on walks. Just this week, a dog had to be rescued after falling through the ice on Flanagan Lake. Using a harness will help ensure that dogs can’t get loose and fall into icy waters. Short-haired dogs can benefit from a wearing jacket, and all dogs’ sensitive paw pads can use the protection of comfortable booties.
  • In cold weather, you can provide birds and other animals with access to water by filling a heavy nonmetal water bowl (tongues can freeze to metal) and breaking the surface ice twice a day. When weather improves, be sure to remove any food offerings to encourage animals to move on to warmer areas.

PETA has released a cold-weather PSA—voiced by Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, and Priyanka Chopra—and this animated PSA, both of which urge people to bring dogs inside from the cold. For more information, visit PETA.org.

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