Vote for Rue! Help Town & Country Win Big!

By on March 30, 2016

Last week we told you about Rue, an adopted pup from Papillion’s Town and Country Humane Society, who is in the Third Annual “Tournament of Tails.” Read about Rue and the contest here. 

With your support, Rue has made it to the “Eager 8” and will be fighting for her chance to advance to the “Final Fur” tomorrow!

Mallyduke from Taysia Blue, another local dog, didn’t advance, so we’d really love if the community could support Rue, bringing some much needed cash to our local shelter and community!

Rue only has 3 more rounds to to win $5,000 for the rural no-kill shelter. Voting begins at 11:00 pm CST tonight and goes through 10:59pm CDT tomorrow night. Please show your love for Rue and the Omaha rescue community by voting for her using this link: Please share and Tweet #TournamentofTails to show your support of this sweet girl and her mission to help raise money for Town & Country. Thank you!
Let’s show the country how supportive Omaha and Nebraska is!

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