Want to participate in the largest study of aging in canines? 10,000 dogs are needed!

By on November 20, 2019

“What we learn,” says Daniel Promislow, co-director of the largest-ever study of aging in canines, “will potentially be good for dogs and has great potential to translate to human health.” Promislow and his colleagues at the University of Washington School of Medicine are looking for 10,000 contributors.

According to this article from the Associated Press, the project will “collect a pile of pooch data: vet records, DNA samples, gut microbes and information on food and walks. Five hundred dogs will test a pill that could slow the aging process.”

An example of how studying dogs could lead to benefits for human health: If scientists find a genetic marker for a type of cancer in dogs, research in humans could follow.

As a participant, your dog will visit the vet once per year and take surveys. Results are studied by a bioethicist and a panel of animal welfare advisers.

Interested in having your pup participate? Visit the Dog Aging Project’s Web site here.

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