Ways to bond with your cat

By on May 18, 2023

Do you have a cat and wonder if there is a way to strengthen the bond between you? Cat parents know that when it comes to cats, they make their own rules, and sometimes it can be a challenge to know whether your cat is in the mood to interact. 

You can bond with your cat by playing games that bring out the “big cat” in them. Cats are natural hunters, and feather wands are great for them. You can also initiate positive interactions with them and offer them a treat or cuddle if they let you know they want to be touched. 

If you feel confident about it, try clicker training your cat, which can encourage bonding. If you want to know how to bond with your cat, read for more helpful tips. 

Ways to Bond with Your Cat

Cats are known to be aloof and unresponsive, but cats love their humans as much as dogs do. When you have the love of a member of the feline persuasion, you have something special, as all cat parents know. The following ways you can bond with your cat will make both of you so happy!   

Play Games That Bring Out The Predator in Them

Games and activities will help you create a strong bond with your cat. Cats like games that allow them to explore their predatorial side, such as a cat feather wand. They like the idea of playing with and catching their prey. You can simulate this with different toys:

  • Cat feather wands When you move the toy like prey, your cat’s inner hunter will be released, and they will wildly (and adorably) attack it 
  • Food puzzle toys Allow cats to use their brains and bodies in a way that satisfies their hunting instincts
  • Cat toy mice Encourage cats to play and pounce on their prey. You can get them with catnip in them for added fun. 
  • Cat laser pointer The quick movement of the red dot simulates moving prey. Just be sure you are moving it so they can periodically “catch it.” 

Cats love to stalk, chase and pounce on their unsuspecting prey. The above toys help them release some of their predatory behavior. A great toy to try is the Cat’s Meow.   It is an interactive cat wand toy that changes direction and moves at varying speeds.  

Positive Interactions

Positive interaction can be through talking and touch. Always speak sweetly to your feline companion, and they will respond favorably. Many cats also enjoy being brushed and groomed. Most cats enjoy being petted, and there are certain places the typical cat likes to be stroked:

  • Top of the forehead 
  • Sides of the cheeks
  • The base of the ears
  • Under the chin 

Many cats love being scratched under the chin and on the sides of their face. Some cats will only want to be petted on their terms, and you should respect their preferences. Cats tend not to like being petted by strangers but often seek affection from those they love and trust. 

Another great way to positively interact with your cat is the slow blink. Slowly opening and closing your eyes will bring your cat calm, happy emotions and make them feel more at ease. It is the equivalent of a friendly smile.   

Offer Them Tasty Treats 

 Do you know how they say the way to the heart is through the stomach? The same is sometimes true for the cat who purrs when given treats. Offer high-value treats to your cat at a specific time of day, such as at night after their daily meals.  

You should give treats in moderation and account for five percent or less of your cat’s total daily calories, so use them sparingly. It can also be fun learning which treats your cat prefers. You can use treats as a reward for good behavior, and when it is treat time, your cat will come running to you.  

You Can Clicker Train Them  

Clicker training can be an excellent way to bond with your cat and teach them commands. Clicker training involves a small handheld device that makes a clicking noise when pressed. You must first establish a connection between a reward, like treats, and the clicker.

Once this task has been achieved, you can start to work on behaviors. You can teach your cat to sit and stay. Clicker training is excellent for them because it is enrichment, and you are helping your cat by keeping them mentally stimulated. The two of you will have something fun to share. 


Your feline companion needs interaction to be happy, and there are many great ways to bond with your cat. Get out the feather wand and have them chase you all over the house, or have a cuddle session with them on the couch. Spend time making your cat feel secure. Give them love, affection, and “pawsitive” attention.

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